Would You Try It? Calorie Restriction Diet?

diet, scales, weightI saw these people on Oprah yesterday who do extreme dieting. They believe they'll live longer by practicing the calorie restriction diet.

They eat the minimum amount of food to stay alive. Some eat just 1,000 to 1,950 calories per day.

The surprising thing is, Dr. Oz says this diet may work. These dieters may have found the fountain of youth. But my question is, without eating food, who would want to live a long time?

I love my food.


People on the calorie restriction diet believe that they are triggering a genetic switch that slows the aging process.

In lab tests on mice, their theory has been proven correct. Researchers believe you might be able to extend your life by 50 percent by under-eating. How? When you restrict calories, your body understands that it doesn't have any resources to waste. It actually tells your body to reserve cells and live longer.

People on this diet need to make sure they get a lot of nutrition for each calorie they eat. They probably need to take vitamin supplements as well. And they should check the Calorie Restriction website for tips.

See my recent story on another related youth elixir called Resveratrol.

These dieters are super skinny. Do you think you could do it? Would you try the calorie restriction diet?

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