Workout Shoes That Shape Your Booty - Would You Buy It?

MBT shoesNote: This is not a recession story.

I went into Foot Locker today to check out these new shoes I'd heard about. Supposedly, MBT's shape your calves and booty while you walk.

MBT calls them the anti-shoe. They claim their sneakers can activate neglected muscles, improve posture, tone and shape the body, soothe back problems and reduce stress on knee and hip joints.

And they do all of that for the retail price of $250.


MBT's look kind of funky, and I'd be willing to try them out. But that price?!

I just bought new sneakers for the gym on Zappos. The price tag of $49.95 for my favorite Saucony classics gave me enough of an elevated heart rate. Even $50 is too much. 

What do you pay for workout shoes? Where do you buy them? Would you ever shell out $200 or more for MBTs? 

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