5 Health Benefits of Pets

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Annabelle holds Toast

I am in love.

Her name is Toast, and she's my 6-month-old mutt. She's half Maltese and half Shih Zu. I am not sure what I would save first in a fire: My iPhone or my dog. Definitely my dog.

I begged and pleaded for this puppy, and I'm glad my husband finally gave in. Toast--she is named after my favorite restaurant--is my sweet fur baby who never gives me lip and doesn't throw herself on the floor at CVS.

My dog is more than my little love, she's also good for my health.

Here are 5 benefits of having a pet.


According to the CDC, our pets:

  1. Decrease blood pressure
  2. Decrease cholesterol and triglyceride level
  3. Help with feelings of loneliness
  4. Increase our opportunites to exercise
  5. Increase how much we socialize

I also have a cat named Hello who has been with me for many years--I love her dearly, too. More than half of all U.S. households have pets. They are more common than children! That's 51 million dogs, 56 million cats, 45 million birds and 75 million small mammals reptiles and fish.

Have you had a special pet? Do you believe that our furry friends are good for our health?

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