Do You Text & Drive?

driving textingDriving while texting or emailing is a really bad idea.

But I got busted doing just that yesterday.

It was a beautiful spring day in New Jersey, and I rolled my car window halfway down. I had both earbuds in my ears just in case my Dear Husband called from his business trip. In my state, you can only talk on the phone using a hands-free device.

I was stopped at an intersection where the red light takes a long time.

So I did something naughty. I hit a button and checked my email.


Another car exactly like mine pulled up next to me. His window was also down. He said, "Word."

I said, "Huh?" My kids were not in the car.

The guy said, "It's cool if you listen to your iPod while you drive, but be careful using that email thing."

I honestly don't think it's good to listen to your iPod while driving unless it's connected through your car speakers--you could miss an emergency siren with that music blaring. I also think emailing and driving is stupid.

I was so ashamed. I will never do it again, ever. I promise.

The guy waved to me as he drove off and said again, "Word."

Emailing and texting while driving is so dangerous. The state of Maryland just passed a bill that would ban texting while driving. Drivers could be fined up to $500 for doing it.

One study by Nationwide Insurance says that 37 percent of people ages 18 to 27 text while driving, and just 2 percent of drivers ages 45 to 60 do it.

Insurance companies are starting to check cell phone records of drivers who submit claims. They could start cracking down on accidents that occur this way. And they should.

Check out Cafe Kierna's recent post about Texting While Driving. She says a 3-year-old almost died because of someone doing this.

Clearly, it's dangerous. It's an easily avoidable health and safety issue. Have you ever done it? Would you ever text or email and drive again?

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