Exercise When Space, Time and Money Are Tight

Mother_of_twins posted a query on how she can get fit even though she's a SAHM of two toddlers in a small apartment and on a budget. As a mom of twins, I can relate. I didn't have time, energy or money for exercise, I only had extra rolls of fat. What can a cash-strapped, time-crunched, space-limited mom do?


imamomfirst065 has some simple, excellent tips, which are mainly to count calories and walk a lot. Read her inspiring Weight Loss Journey:

"I've been losing weight the last year. It all started when my size 18 jeans were so tight I couldn't breathe in them!

There was no way I was buying a 20! So I decided to lose some weight. I've never been a person to do something like South Beach, or Atkins or Weight Watchers. I tried WW, and I lost some weight but I just couldn't get the hang of it.

So I count calories!  Simple, right? NOPE!  It's harder than you think. Some people think cut back how much you eat and you'll lose. Not true. You have to eat to lose! So I joined CalorieCount and learned how to lose weight safely and slowly.

I've lost about 65 lbs and 44 inches total in a year. I exercise and I have a Heart Rate Monitor to see how many calories I burn while walking or exercising at home. That tells me how many calories I can eat/day. It works and I love it!!!!

I walk for 2 hours and burn about 600 calories. I just bought my first workout dvd (Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred), and it's tough!

If I can lose weight with back and leg pain, anyone can!  It takes motivation, dedication and determination. The doctors said I'd be in a wheelchair by now, and I'm still walking on my own two feet!

So if you wanna lose weight, remember "slow and steady wins the race every time"!

Cheers to you, imamomfirst065 and many props to Mother_of_twins. What tips do you have for getting fit with time, space and budget limits?


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