6 Worst Fad Diets


I, for one, never thought The Grapefruit Diet sounded very appealing. It's not the only wacky diet plan out there. Here is a list of this year's 6 worst fad diets. They are trendy and potentially harmful weight loss plans, according to reporters at Newsweek.

  • The Fat Free Diet. Eat whatever you want as long as it has no fat. Hey, I did this when I was anorexic. I can tell you, it may work, but it's very harmful. Our bodies need fat--though not too much of it--to function properly.
  • The Snack Pack Diet. This one involves eating those 100-calorie snack packs in between meals. While the smaller portions are a step in the right direction, most of these snacks are still highly processed, loaded with chemicals and contain few nutrients.
  • The Couch Potato Diet. Lose weight without working out. This diet says cutting calories is enough.
  • The Detox Plan. Lose weight by cleaning out your insides with some concoction. There's no evidence to show that detoxing is needed or works. Just be sure to get your fiber to stay healthy.
  • The Beef and Bacon Diet. All protein all the time is a new-fangled Atkins Diet approach. While cutting down on carbs is a good idea, replacing carbs with too much fat is not healthy.
  • The Twinkie Diet. Don't worry about what you eat, just worry about calories. You should get a certain amount of calories per day and that's it, even if you only eat Twinkies. This is just plain silly.

Wait, I could go for a Twinkie.

Have you ever tried a silly diet? Or do you smell a fad diet a mile away?

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catgrrrl catgrrrl

The cabbage soup diet.  I have never tried it.  It sounds gross and dangerous.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Really, I don't understand why people can't just eat healthy foods and exercise instead of looking for someone to tell them exactly what to do.  It's REALLY not that complicated.  I mean, you learn the food pyramid in elementary school, right?  Follow it and get off your butt.

And if you have a medical problem, then do what you need to do to be healthy for your unique situation.

Agent... AgentBrez

ranaurora, i agree. there is too  much information out there now for people to claim ignorance.

i am currently following WW which i do not consider a diet, but a lifestyle change. i am loosing weight at a healthy rate and getting in all the food groups each day.

sweet... sweetheart4171

love the twinkie diet...yumm-o (kidding)

Curio... CuriousSarahM

I'm also a fan of the "Get off your butt" diet. Granted, I prefer healthier foods, and love getting out and doing stuff, so it comes naturally to me, but don't think for a second that during my second pregnancy I didn't live on cakesters and coke.

(With my first it was cinna-stix, and now -not pregnant- it's ice cream and cranberry juice. Hey, we all have our treats!)

Free-... Free-Diets

This is very nice article. That's one reason why most crash diets fail, they may lose your weight the first few weeks but if they're not healthy, you really are not losing the body fat that you want to go away for good.


Jeremy Gabbard

This is such a dumb article. Research has proven over and over again that it really IS calories in vs calories out. The couch potato diet is fine, you won't build any cardiovascular health, or retain muscle as well as if you were going with cardio work/weight training, and the Twinkie diet is fine, if all you are wanting to do is lose weight without regard for your overall health.

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