Would You Try It? E-Cigarettes

e cigarettes

Courtesy of E-Cigarettes

It looks exactly like the real thing.

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, glow red with fire, have a brown filter, and smokers can take a puff to fill their bodies with pure liquid nicotine.

The CEO of e-cigarette maker, Smoking Everywhere, says the ciggies are comparable to the nicotine patch--only better. E-cigarettes give smokers the oral fixation that they love without the harmful effects of tobacco.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) isn't so sure. They're trying to importation of e-cigs until scientific studies show they're safe and effective.

But e-cigs are already out on the U.S. market.

Smoking Everywhere says they're "pretty sure" the product is safe based on lab tests in Europe.

E-cigarettes run on a battery. The smoker inhales it just like a typical cigarette, and the battery warms the liquid nicotine stores in the plastic filter, according to a story on CNN. The combination of heat and liquid creates the vapor or smoke puff when exhaled.

One doctor was quoted as saying that nicotine isn't the cancer-causing agent that tobacco is, but inhaling pure nicotine might be dangerous. Still, experts agree that this idea is promising. They'd like to study e-cigarette safety more.

Most are sold online or at mall kiosks. E-cigarettes are popular in the U.K, Sweden and Brazil. They're not cheap--getting started with one e-cigarette, batteries and cartridges will cost $149. One cartridge lasts as long as 30 to 40 cigarettes and costs $12.50.

As a former smoker, the naughty side of me thinks these are interesting. See what other CafeMoms think about e-cigarettes in the Questions section. But I'm skeptical. Are e-cigarettes better than real ones? I'd definitely ask my doctor.

What do you think? Would you try e-cigarettes?

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Amand... AmandaIVF


njmom... njmommy2boys

My husband, mother and myself are all trying these to quit smoking.  Hopefully they work!

njmom... njmommy2boys

You can get the whole package for less than $50.00.

Cafe... Cafe Kristen

NJMommy2boys, What do they taste like? Tell us more. They could be great for people who need to stop smoking if they are proven to be safe.

palex... palexander

I wouldn't. My husband is using SNUS to help quit smoking.

absmama absmama

I need to quite smoking, but not by using a product that the makers are only "pretty sure" are safe.  Maybe if they are proven to be safe, I'll give it a try.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Those actually might be a great idea.  Nicotine patches and gums are just straight nicotine too...

My only thing is, I don't see how this helps you QUIT as you're still satisfying the oral and nicotine fixation every single time.  But health-wise, there's definitely a benefit.  Interesting.

njmommy, where did you get it for under $50?

Magic... MagicToenail

I could be way wrong, but it kind of reminds me of the Nicotrol I use.  It's a "puffer" and you replace the nicotine vials.  But it doesn't run on batteries or light up.  Haven't thought of using Snus to quit, may try it!

SafeH... SafeHabitForYou

I actually use these. I love them, it is an easy transition from smoking. You can even sell these as a home based business and make fantastic money

grann... granniesattic

inLife manufacturer is registered with the FDA.  They have proven the cigarettes are safe, and did so before putting the products on the market.  And right now they have a sale on the newest line (Regal).  They smoke like a cigarette with no hazards to health or environment.  They are NOT recommended to quit smoking, however, if you can use these in place of tobacco products, why quit.  You can go on enjoying your smoking habit.  I use one myself.  And better yet, they can be used anywhere that smoking is prohibited.  Washington State Surgeon General has approved of them in all locations throughout the state where smoking is not allowed, (bars, restaurants, theaters, airplanes, inside any buildings including government buildings).

Check out the website.  The company has not put a deadline on the sale, so it could happen at any time.  Contact me and I will tell you how to get one for free.


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