Earlier Screening for Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is most treatable when it is detected early.

A new study indicates that postmenopausal women who are screened for ovarian cancer using a transvaginal ultrasound or blood test are more likely to catch this devastating disease early. That means treatment could start before the cancer spreads to the pelvis, and a good outcome is more likely.


Scientists have long wondered if we should have more widespread screening for ovarian cancer, and if that's feasible.

This information might be a step in the right direction. More research is being done. Ovarian cancer, which has no symptoms in the early stages, strikes 21,650 women in the United States, killing 15,520 each year. Join the conversation with other CafeMoms in the group Ovarian Cancer Awareness.

Getting a Pap smear once a year is important to keep all women of all ages healthy. Do you see your gynecologist at least once a year?

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