Ever Heard of Acai Berries?

Acai berries are taking over the universe, or so you'd think from hearing about them online, on TV and in every product imaginable at the grocery store.

But what are they?

I don't even know how to pronounce Acai.


First of all, I see it's pronounced ah-cye-EE from a story in the New York Times. I'm not sure how much that helps me. Here is more info on acai:

  • It is a purple berry that grows in 60-foot trees in the Brazilian rain forest.
  • The berry contains antioxidants--molecutes that can slow damage in the body.
  • There are no long-term studies that show acai removes wrinkles, cleanses the body of antioxidants or helps weight loss.
  • Media mogul Sumner Redstone hopes the juice, at $40 per bottle, will help him live 50 years longer. See MonaVie juice on the video clip, above.

It sounds like the acai berry might be good for us, but juice can be laden with sugar and extra calories. Be mindful of claims that it is some magical berry that will lead to magical weight-loss and wrinkle reducing outcomes. As you know, only The Cabbage Soup Diet can do all of that.

Here's what other CafeMoms in The Newcomers Club think about acai berries.

  • I had them on pancakes. They were good.
  • I've been taking these pills called acai noni for about a week. So far I think I've lost 2 to 3 pounds. LOL.
  • I have heard of acai berries, but also heard they really don't do much!

Dr. Oz on Oprah says they're a top healthy food, but then some products started to claim they had Oprah's endorsement, and they definitely do not.

What do you think about acai berries? Would you try them?

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