Consumer Queen & Digital Moms: I Need My Internet

get real recession guideDid you see CafeMom on The Today Show yesterday and today? I wasn't expecting the segment, and was so excited to hear our name mentioned.

I know the Internet has saved my sanity during these early years of motherhood. My twins were so small and demanding that I barely made it out of the house during their first year. I'm not exaggerating. I thought if I took my precious babies to Starbucks, they'd surely contract the bird flu and die. This, of course, is not the case--I was an over-zealous new mom.

I've been so thankful to keep in contact with my friends through email, CafeMom and Facebook the last three years. It has saved me from isolation and loneliness.

I'm not the only one using the internet to keep life running along smoothly.


The Consumer Queen was also on the Today Show segment, and she talked about all the freebies she gets on Internet. Run by real mom Melissa Garcia, she helps you find deals and freebies online. Her website is over-run with requests today, including mine.

Hard economic times are causing us all a lot of stress, and sites like hers definitely ease our feelings of helplessness when it comes to this country's financial mess.

Does the Internet save your sanity, too? What do you rely on it for?

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