Obama Reversing Stem Cell Ban: One CafeMom Glad

stem cell mom

Science Mom Sunmoonstars with her pumpkins.

Obama is signing an executive order today to overturn the Bush-era policy that limited federal tax dollars for embryonic stem cell research.

Many believe that stem cell research is needed--especially people with diseases such as Alzheimer's, diabetes and Parkinson's. As you may have seen, Michael J. Fox has been on television more in recent weeks talking about his support for stem cell research.

Meanwhile, some conservatives object to the destruction of human embryos because they oppose ending a human life. For more information on the stem cell debate, check out my recent story, What Are Stem Cells?

One CafeMom has been outspoken in her support for stem cell research. Sunmoonstars, AKA Tonya Johnson, runs the two public groups, The Science Spot and All About Stem Cells. Here's more from Tonya about science, stem cells and her groups.


Cafe Kristen: What is The Science Spot all about?

Basically it's a group for any mom interested in science. Here we talk about science, because science is everywhere. The mission of this group is to promote enhanced science education for moms and kids. 

I know how complicated science stuff can seem to mommies who don't deal with it all the time. I love to share knowledge and help others, so the group gives me a chance to do that. And at the same time, it gives scientist mommies a place to network.

CK: Tell me about your other group, All About Stem Cells.

Stem cells are a hot topic. But a lot of people don't know anything about stem cells, and post blatantly false info. All About Stem Cells is an open, public group. You don't have to join to read posts, and if you don't want to post, you can message me privately with questions.
CK: Why are you interested in science and stem cells? 

I received my Master's degree in a cancer research setting (pharmacology), so my stem cell interest is a spin-off of my cancer research interest. Stem cells operate in some ways very similar to cancer cells in the body.
CK: Which science topics are most important to CafeMoms in your opinion? 

Needing help with their kid's science fair projects--they can always post questions on The Science Spot. I see alot of debate about evolution versus creationism. Moms also post about science topics that appear in the news - stem cells, science education in Texas (recent evolution decision), and alot of posts about vaccines. I also see homeschooling moms posting about their science-related activities.

CK: How has CafeMom been helpful and meaningful to you? 

I keep up with my closest friends on CM.  I recruited a bunch of people here.  I met a few new people here, particularly tchk, AKA Tara, who is an inspiration to me in my group. She posts some experiments in the group for others to try. Her real job is working to promote science to underprivledged youth. Her work with these kids has inspired me to try community education of my own right here in my town.

Many thanks to Tonya for all of her hard work. Check out her groups to tell her what you think.

Do you believe today's decision is a good one? Should embryonic stem cells be used for scientific research?

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