Fad or For Real: The Rodial Tummy Tuck

Rodial Tummy Tuck

Rodial Tummy Tuck

Today, I keep hearing about the Rodial Tummy Tuck. I hear it's some sort of magic cream that is supposed to flatten my stomach.

Dieting and exercising are not required, so I'm thinking I'll order some egg rolls while I slather this stuff on. 

But then I see the price. At $130 for a small 4.2 oz bottle, I'm going to have to forget about egg rolls and do some crunches.


Supposedly, this stuff contains stomach flattening micro fibers that help slim and visibly tighten the abdominal area. According to the website, it's "clinically proven to reduce the abdominal area by up to 2 centimeters in 8 weeks."

Only 2 centimeters for $130? That's about the size of maybe two Tic Tacs. I am going to need a lot more than that.

Rodial Tummy Tuck contains a fig extract and neuropeptides that break down fatty cells and boost cell metabolism.

Someone, a "real" woman says there is a tightening effect within minutes. Rodial Tummy Tuck is available on one of my favorite fairyland beauty websites. Blissworld, which I could never afford, sells 3.4 oz for $145. They say, "Your choice: Drop $4000 on abdominoplasty, or do the twice-a-day with this spicy-scented gel."

Hmmm. I've always heard if something sounds too good to be true that it probably is.

Would you try it? Would you buy it? Could Rodial Tummy Tuck cream possibly work?

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