OctoMom Nadya Suleman's 911 Call

Here we go again.

Dr. Phil was on the Today Show talking about Nadya Suleman this morning. The topic of discussion was more of the same. Is Nadya Suleman, also known as OctoMom, sane enough to take care of 14 children? Now this question is being asked after her wacky 911 call became public.

Have you heard the call? Listen to Nadya Suleman's 911 call on TMZ here or click on the video below. Nadya Suleman becomes hysterical because her 5-year-old son seemed to be missing. At the time she made the call, she was pregnant with her octuplets. She repeatedly says, "Oh God! I'm going to kill myself."

It's intense. And unlike the McNugget 911 call of yesterday, this call was warranted, or so Nadya thought at the time. She does find her son at the end.


Another 911 call was made from the house by one of the children on January 23 when Nadya was in the hospital about to deliver the octuplets. The child hangs up, and then the grandmother has to explain that nothing is wrong.

Nadya is saying that hormones drove her wild, frantic 911 call. And Dr. Phil defends her, saying it was understandable under her cicumstances. But Dr. Phil does go on to say that she isn't mentally ready to take care of 14 children.

Another report on msnbc says police were called to Nadya Suleman's last two residences 8 different times. And still another story from msnbc says that her birth tape is for sale. Octomom Nadya Suleman is selling the video for a seven-figure sum. That's one million bucks--or more--for the birth of OctoMom's octuplets.

Now, what are your feelings on this woman's mental stability? I definitely feel worried for her kids' safety this week.

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