Today is International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Nicole Kidman spoke at the United Nations.

Today as International Women's Day. And this year's focus, according to the United Nations, is on Men and Women United to End Violence Against Women and Girls.

Earlier this winter, CafeMoms helped Nicole Kidman Stop Violence Against Women when we clicked to sign a worldwide petition.

Here is another story of how people like you and I can help women and children in need:

A woman named Khalida took her daughters and fled Pakistan. Her abusive husband was threatening to kill her for "dishonoring" their family. He did not like that she stayed at work for long hours and was angry that she'd given birth to daughters and not sons. She was granted asylum in the United States after a non-profit organization called the Tahirih Justice Center provided lawyers and other legal representation. In the past, I have given to this awesome organization.


The Tahirih Justice Center is just one place that needs donations. But since money is tight, these places at least need our support even if we can't offer money. My girls and I will volunteer at the local battered women's shelter this year.

The private group, Mothers Against Child Predators and Domestic Violence, supports women's right. Another private support group is Domestic Violence Survivors: Power of Being Free. It's run by an amazing CafeMom named Joleen. I wrote her story recently, One CafeMom Has Been There.

What women's organizations--local, national or international--do you like to support?

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