Would You Try It? Katie Holmes' Scientology Diet

Like Cafe Melisa in Pregnancy Buzz, I noticed that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were not at the Oscars. But there were plenty of other stars to admire (read: to make me feel inadequate because I don't have a tummy tuck, plastic surgery and personal trainer).

But Katie Holmes' new look is not admirable or healthy to me. Supposedly, she's on the Scientology Detox Diet, and she's definitely lollipop thin lately.

What's more, That's Fit reported that Katie's new diet made her too tired to handle Oscar night.


No healthy diet should make you that tired or look that thin. And I know all about unhealthy diets as a former bulimic and anorexic. I remember being way too tired and way too thin.

This is all speculation, of course. But even TheInsider.com reports Katie Holmes is on a diet, possibly to prepare for a second pregnancy.

And if she is on the Scientology diet called the Purification Rundown, here's what it supposedly includes:

  • 5 hours a day in a sauna
  • mega doses of B3 (niacin), other vitamins and a vegetable oil cocktail
  • extra water, salt and potassium to prevent dehydration

Scientologists believe that toxins, radioactive substances and other harmful substances reside in body fat and are released through sweat and exercise, according to DietsinReview.com.

Speculating on celebrities' weights has always irked me for personal reasons. But I really liked Katie Holmes in Dawson's Creek and in Pieces of April, and especially when she was with Chris Klein from American Pie.

Something about her health just seems off. What do you think? Is she suffering from an eating disorder, or is she on this diet that may or may not be healthy? Would you ever try the Scientology Detox Diet?

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