Party Hard Hangover Cures

Photo by ScribblerMom (Baby NOT drunk. Hee hee.)

Hiccup. Headache. Buzzards flying around in my head. That's what I felt like last Saturday after drinking one stiff vodka cocktail Friday night.

We were celebrating my husband's birthday and eating tacos and decorating his cake. Friends showed up. Kids danced. One thing led to another, and I sure could've used a party cure last weekend.

In case this happens to you--maybe you'll raise a glass for our lauch celebration today--I found some CafeMom cures from this funny thread on hangover remedies.


akr011102 says, "In between drinks, drink water, and right before you go to bed drink a glass of water and take some Tylenol."

ShellyABean says, ""2 Tylenol...a LOT of water and a banana - the potassium in the banana will help you out."

Dreamerinluv says, ""My grampa's coffee....Yuck !"

25beengoodtome says, "The only cure I know of is time, your body needs time to work that poison out of you. Try some cranberry juice to help clean out your body of toxins."

Great tips! What works for me: spaghetti with tomato sauce. I hear it's because of the lycopene in the tomatoes and the carbs in the pasta. I also need Sprite when I'm hungover. I wrote earlier this week that I'm on a drinking hiatus, but I'll raise my glass again soon. (With a tad less vodka in my next cosmo.)

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