Skinny Switch Diet: One Dad's Review

Skinny Switch Diet

From The Skinny Switch Secret website

CafeMoms are still buzzing about the Skinny Switch Secret Diet that I wrote about a few weeks ago.

I found an interesting, real person's review of the program online, see below.

As for me, I'm still wondering what exactly a skinny switch is, and how I can turn it on. After six months of regular working out, I still have a mommy tummy that's as fat as my cell phone bill. But more on my mommy tummy another day.

Back to the Skinny Switch.


Here are the basics of the Skinny Switch Diet from my previous story on it:

  1. You eat foods that you make from recipes on their website.
  2. Every 3 days you get to load up. That means you eat a meal you can't live without--in my case, chips, cheese, sour cream and guacamole. But someone else might need a slice of pizza or their favorite Chinese delivery.
  3. The infomercial says you don't have to exercise, but the website asks for 30 minutes a day of walking.

Here is what one dad, Todd Larson, who's been on The Skinny Switch Diet says about it after 3 weeks, according to his blog on ReviewBoard Magazine:

The cost of the food to follow the diet is about $45, and that doesn't include the cheating food, which was about $20. Plus, it costs $154.70 to start up (spread out oer 4 payments). That's a lot, Todd says. But many people are still signing up for The Skinny Switch, and this reviewer really likes the diet. His kids even like the Skinny Switch food he's made for them. Todd Larson has lost 41 pounds in 3 weeks (keep in mind he started out weighing 504 pounds), and as a diet reviewer, he gives the Skinny Switch a thumbs up.

CafeMom MelOnAMission has also been on it, as she writes in the popular thread Has Anyone Tried the Skinny Switch Secret Diet? from The CafeMom Newcomers Club. She wrote, "The food is delicious! And the weight is finally coming off."

Have you heard about The Skinny Switch Diet? Does it sound too expensive? Which diet--if any--is your current favorite?

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