Slumdog Child Actor Beaten By Father Brings up Spanking Issue

Did you see Slumdog Millionaire? I have family near Mumbai--my American brother- and sister-in-law who have moved to Pune, India, due to work. Fingers crossed that I'll visit them there this year.

Maybe that's why I'm so fascinated (read: obsessed) with Slumdog. I was upset to read that 10-year-old Slumdog actor, the boy who played young Jamal in the movie, was beaten by his father.

According to The Sun: The boy, Azharuddin Ismail, had just returned to his slum neighborhood in Dharavi in Mumbai after his recent trip to Los Angeles. He was arguing with his father, and he wanted to go inside and rest. His dad wanted him to stay outside and talk. The boy refused to cooperate, and his dad kicked and beat Azharuddin. Onlookers were shocked.

His father apologized a few hours later.


My sister-in-law in Pune, India, tells me domestic violence is a lot more common in India than it is here. While kicking and beating a child is clearly wrong, stories like this remind me of why I don't spank my kids. It's too easy to fly off the handle.

I was spanked. I don't necessarily believe that spanking, when done appropriately, is wrong. But its not for me . (Again, beating and kicking anyone, especially a child, is clearly unnacceptable.). Spanking is a totally emotional event to me. So I do not spank, even though sometimes I feel that urge.

Does this news sadden you? I hope the boy is okay, and hopefully it is a wakeup call to his father, Mohammed, to change his habits and practice better anger management. 

Of course, none of us think it's right to beat a child. But read here in Answers if other CafeMoms believe in spanking. What about you? Is spanking an okay punishment for some naughty behaviors?

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