President Obama's Plan for Health Care

Yesterday, President Obama laid out his first budget plan. As great as this country is, being president of it has to be one of the most stressful jobs in the world at any time, and especially at this time. Our collective financial meltdown is contributing to a projected $1.75 trillion deficit this year.

I could buy a lot of baby wipes for that.

But with our economic recession, many say we need a stimulus package. CafeMoms have spoken their opinions about the stimulus package loudly in this thread from Answers: Politics & Current Events. Obama's opinion is this: He wants to stimulate our economy with his focus on energy, health care and education. His budget also includes money for bailouts, defense and other American expenses.

Back to the issue of health care. Do we need more universal coverage? 


625,000 Americans will lose their jobs in February.

At least 43.6 million American's don't have health care, and that number is a pre-recession figures from the CDC. That's 20 percent of adults and 9.3 percent of children.

And did you see the Tent Cities on Oprah this week? 1,200 people in Sacramento are living in tent cities because they've lost their homes. According to Lisa Ling's story, these communities are popping up all over the country and won't be going away soon.The latest reports say unemployment will rise to 7.9 percent when projected next Friday, the first Friday of March. I'm betting they do not have health insurance.

What's going to happen to us and everyone who is looking for work? I try to stay optimistic, but the news is constant and harsh--much like my close friend's mother-in-law.

President Obama's budget would make a big down payment toward his goal of covering the uninsured, according to The New York Times. He asked Congress to set aside $634 billion in a reserve fund for health care reform. He plans to save $176 billion over 10 years to provide more health care. Obama's plans require urging health insurance companies to chip in big time on the costs of reforming our health care system.

I read the numbers, but I still don't see a plan for helping our uninsured people right now. Obama has said he is still working on details for this horrible situation, and he will bring some ideas to Congress this year.

Here, CafeMoms answer the question, Do you have health insurance? Do you want health care reform? What about a universal health care system?


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