Did OctoMom Nadya Suleman Redeem Herself on Dr. Phil?


Nadya Suleman came off much saner on Dr. Phil, don't you think?

She was more together than she was on Dateline, and must less of a Xanax zombie. 

Do you buy it? Now that she's an international phenomenon, maybe she's had some media training. It looked like it to me.

Two issues offend me in Nadya's defense. First, the term OctoMom is demeaning, malicious and way to National Enquirer for my taste. (Though it is fun to read that rag on the beach.) The second is that she shouldn't be crucified for being a single mom. Lots of single moms have lots of kids. That's not the problem. The problem is this particular single mom has limited ability to take care of 14 little ones.

Don't even get me started on the report that Vivid Video--the Jenna Jameson porn makers--offered Nadya Suleman $1 million to do a risque movie. She hasn't responded publicly to this distasteful news.

After all you've seen in the past few days--and she's scheduled to be on Dr. Phil again tomorrow--do you think Nadya Suleman is sane?


Is Nadya Suleman operating with a full stack?

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Dr. Phil kept harping on the point that she's addicted to having babies. Do you agree with that assertion?

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princ... princessmom721

I am probably like most of America and irritated at the situation. First of all, she KNEW that she had no job and no help, other than her mom(who is already drained from Nadya's first six). She is counting on others to help her out. Its not up to the community. They are HER kids. If she cant handle the financial aspect of it, then she should not have had them. I was a single mom for the first 7 years of my son;s life, so I say power to all the single moms! I have no problem with that. I just have a problem with the fact that she has no job and no way to support now 14 children. You cannot put all the blame on her, though. Where are the limitations in the medical aspect of this. Shouldn't they have stopped at 6? Personally, with no job and no home of her own, she should not have been able to have the 6 she has. The standards for fertility treatments should be the same as for adoption. You should have to meet certain requirements. I know I could go on for hours on this subject, but I will stop there.

wandaful wandaful

Well, she isn't exactly stupid.....seems quite articulate and well educated.  I have changed my opinion a bit since watching her on Dr. Phil.  I still think she is not quite operating with a full deck, though.  Can you be stupid and still intelligent?  Certainly self centered.

LaNet... LaNette000

I don't see where she made much sense than before, no, I'm not convinced!

Motiv... MotivatedJulia

I don't think she redeemed herself at all (not that I was in a position where she needed to redeem herself...I haven't fully formed a one way or the other opinion) but coming from a background of psychology I tend to watch people's expressions and manuvers and wording and all that jazz. Before Dr. Phil even said it I kept saying she's totally evading the questions...and she was...and that was increadibly irritating. She wasn't straight forward. Also, she kept cutting Dr. Phil off. Classic for someone who wants to take control and evade answering and trying to make herself appear a certain way. Wandaful, you're right, she's not stupid because otherwise she would not have known what to 'dance around' and what not to.

asaffell asaffell

I'm disgusted by her and I cannot WAIT for everyone to stop talking about her.

ummbay ummbay

she really has a mental problem. i pray to god she doesnt have anymore, for the sanity of the kids

sweet... sweetheartpink


mamaj... mamajody0507

I'm quite disgusted at her selfishness and irresponsibility.

ddbz ddbz

I think that she isn't stupid but she has a loose screw. As far as the manner in which she rationalizes her decision, she's making it up as she goes along.

And I wish I could have voted "shut up already" but I care very much about all of those kids AND her mother and I'm very worried about them.

beach... beachmamaof2

Have to agree - this sinppet does nothing to redeem her...she's continued to show she only cares about herself...nothing esle matters as long as she gets what she wants...


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