Big Sigh: OctoMom on Dr. Phil Today


Did you see the interview with Nadya Suleman's father, Ed Doud, on Oprah yesterday?

I watched it, scratched my head (and I don't have lice), and actually started to feel sorry for her family.

Today, Nadya appears on Dr. Phil as part of a two-episode special. Supposedly, she told Phil McGraw that Kaiser Permanente Medical Center may not let her take home her baby octuplets until she proves she can care for them.

Suleman has no job and relies on welfare, including food stamps and disability income for her 6 older children, according to the LA Times.

The OctoMom story just won't go away. By appearing on Dr. Phil today and tomorrow, she's making sure that we don't stop thinking about her.

I've had a hard time mustering sympathy for Nadya Suleman, though I have concern for her 14 children. She knew she was in a financial crisis when she went to the fertility clinic to implant 6 more embryos that multiplied into 8. She knew she would have serious problems taking care of such a large family. But she did her ethically and morally questionable fertility treatments anyway. This is how I've felt.

Until yesterday, when I saw the audience and Oprah rip into Nadya Suleman's father. He admitted that he didn't want her to have more children, and that he had even spoken to her fertility doctor about his concerns. He is a psychotherapist himself, and he seemed to question his daughter's mental stability.

Clearly, there are a few issues with her mental stability. But some of Oprah's audience members at the end of the program made good points. Nadya Suleman's children are already here, so why rehash the past--her fertility treatments, her financial situation and her sanity? Instead, they suggested that critical people like me focus on the well-being of her children. We need solutions instead of more criticism. Even Oprah was seemed extra harsh on the show. Then Dr. Oz lit into medical failures of the situation, too. I wonder if Dr. Phil will be more sympathetic. I bet he will play devil's advocate at first, and then turn into a softie later.

CafeMoms have strong feelings about OctoMom. There have been heated discussions about it in Answers: Politics & Current Events. One mom called her a gold digger, and many agreed and disagreed on Nadya Suleman's motives.

What do you think about her scheduled appearance on Dr. Phil today? Should we feel sorry for her, or just forget it and try to move on?

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mom2s... mom2sophia711

I think we should move on. What's done is done. I don't think it's best what she did, with having so many children. But she did what she thought was the right thing, she didn't want her embryos destroyed. I wouldn't either. Although I would have considered donating them to other mothers in need. But like I said, they are here, they need our help. Innocent children should not be punished for their parents' bad choices. There are so many people living off of welfare with a lot of children too....but nobody is giving them flack for it. I guess they must deserve it more...maybe? Anyways, that's my two cents.

mom2s... mom2sophia711

Oh and about the clip. Maybe Oprah is so pissed because she never had any children and is WELL past the age to conceive. Jealousy....? Who knows.

madam... madamekatekate

I go back and forth with how I feel for this woman.

I do feel incredibly sorry for those children. And while I haven't decided what I think ought to be done, I hope hope hope they can have a stable, safe life in the very near future.


RanaA... RanaAurora

So give her children to people who CAN care for them.  Everyone wins.  Nadya doesn't have to leech as much from the government and have her older children suffer, and the babies will get loving homes.

lipst... lipstickclouds

Purposely getting implanted with that many embryos when she doesn't even have the means to care for the kids she has is pretty horrible, it wasn't an accident...she made a choice that would obviously compromise the quality of life for the kids she had. That said, hashing over it anymore isn't going to change anything, but the well being of her kids should be the focus, and I don't think the babies will be best served staying with her, they should go to families who can care for them. And I don't think Oprah is jealous of her ( or anyone else in the world honestly), she was just stating what is pretty obvious to everyone.

shrts... shrtsassycutie

I personally think Kaiser is doing the right thing and thinking twice about letting her take those babies home...we had a premie at Kaiser and know for a fact they do that at least with all premies.  We had to take a special class to deal with premie issues, had to work with nurses to show we could handle it and also had to work with the social worker to demonstrate we were able to meet his medical needs, etc.  We just had one little guy so of course they should be concerned in this case!  We are talking about 8 tiny babies...and a mom who is already not taking care of their older brothers/sisters...

rachelo rachelo

well. i think she's gonna do what she's gonna do. she's gonna make money off of this because americans are not satisfied with their own lives so they need to watch other people's and comment about them. so they'll do a reality show. . . the whole nine yards. i don't worry so much about the kids being taken care of financially. . . what would concern me (if it in any way concerned me) is how these kids are going to be as they grow up. i mean. . . there are some major issues here. . . that's just obvious. and now there are 14 little lives that will be effected by her issues. let's all just hope they grow up into semi-functioning adults. it will be interesting to hear what these kids have to say in 20 years. . . .

i say, let's all move on. let her do what she's gonna do. . . they aren't our kids. . . and there are people around looking out for them. let's get back to raising our own.

1mermaid 1mermaid

1.  Where's the blame for the doctor who implanted all those embryos when he knew she already had 6 kids?  Why isn't he or she up in front of a medical review board?

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

Great point, RanaAurora. There are so many people who would love to adopt those babies if she is deemed unfit.

CeCes... CeCesMom226

Who paid for the implants in the first place??  I think the doctors who implanted her bear some of the responsibility for this mess.  They should have seen the red flags when a single woman with 6 kids already comes to them wanting more.  A psychological eval should have been done on her.  I feel for her children and her parents.  It seems to me that she had dollar signs in her eyes and is using her children for publicity and selling the story.  This should be considered abuse. Sickening!!



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