Big Sigh: OctoMom on Dr. Phil Today


Did you see the interview with Nadya Suleman's father, Ed Doud, on Oprah yesterday?

I watched it, scratched my head (and I don't have lice), and actually started to feel sorry for her family.

Today, Nadya appears on Dr. Phil as part of a two-episode special. Supposedly, she told Phil McGraw that Kaiser Permanente Medical Center may not let her take home her baby octuplets until she proves she can care for them.

Suleman has no job and relies on welfare, including food stamps and disability income for her 6 older children, according to the LA Times.

The OctoMom story just won't go away. By appearing on Dr. Phil today and tomorrow, she's making sure that we don't stop thinking about her.

I've had a hard time mustering sympathy for Nadya Suleman, though I have concern for her 14 children. She knew she was in a financial crisis when she went to the fertility clinic to implant 6 more embryos that multiplied into 8. She knew she would have serious problems taking care of such a large family. But she did her ethically and morally questionable fertility treatments anyway. This is how I've felt.

Until yesterday, when I saw the audience and Oprah rip into Nadya Suleman's father. He admitted that he didn't want her to have more children, and that he had even spoken to her fertility doctor about his concerns. He is a psychotherapist himself, and he seemed to question his daughter's mental stability.

Clearly, there are a few issues with her mental stability. But some of Oprah's audience members at the end of the program made good points. Nadya Suleman's children are already here, so why rehash the past--her fertility treatments, her financial situation and her sanity? Instead, they suggested that critical people like me focus on the well-being of her children. We need solutions instead of more criticism. Even Oprah was seemed extra harsh on the show. Then Dr. Oz lit into medical failures of the situation, too. I wonder if Dr. Phil will be more sympathetic. I bet he will play devil's advocate at first, and then turn into a softie later.

CafeMoms have strong feelings about OctoMom. There have been heated discussions about it in Answers: Politics & Current Events. One mom called her a gold digger, and many agreed and disagreed on Nadya Suleman's motives.

What do you think about her scheduled appearance on Dr. Phil today? Should we feel sorry for her, or just forget it and try to move on?

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krazi... kraziandkoul

Personally, I am outraged that this woman made such an irresponsible choice. She probably saw Jon & Kate + 8 a few too many times and figured...hey, why not. It makes me SICK to see parents selling out their children in order to make money.  Now I hear this woman is demanding $2 million for interviews.....what the *#&&$! I mean, really? Are people really going to let her do this...she basically had more children in order to use them to get money and financial gain. GRRRRR. Yeah, I don't like this situation. I think situations like this lead to child abuse/neglect. It isn't fair to those children.

nonmember avatar Guest

Don't know what her motives were, realize she already had several children, etc...but do you really think she expected to have 8 more children?

Don't women who are attempting to conceive in this manner (good question posed earlier...who paid for the procedure anyway???) usually have multiple embryos implanted because most of them don't usually end a pregnancy?

Wonder what the chances were that the six embryos would lead to eight babies?

"So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."
John 8:7

debbym debbym

None of your business or anyone else's who paid for the implants you are sickening because you get pleasure out of criticism and sarcasm.Since your username indicates mom it is your children I feel sorry for as you will teach them hate for no reason! You need a psych eval not Ms Suleman. I'd everyone forgetting she has feelings? If I were her I would just turn a deaf ear to the rude comments and continue to live my life

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