Big Sigh: OctoMom on Dr. Phil Today


Did you see the interview with Nadya Suleman's father, Ed Doud, on Oprah yesterday?

I watched it, scratched my head (and I don't have lice), and actually started to feel sorry for her family.

Today, Nadya appears on Dr. Phil as part of a two-episode special. Supposedly, she told Phil McGraw that Kaiser Permanente Medical Center may not let her take home her baby octuplets until she proves she can care for them.

Suleman has no job and relies on welfare, including food stamps and disability income for her 6 older children, according to the LA Times.

The OctoMom story just won't go away. By appearing on Dr. Phil today and tomorrow, she's making sure that we don't stop thinking about her.

I've had a hard time mustering sympathy for Nadya Suleman, though I have concern for her 14 children. She knew she was in a financial crisis when she went to the fertility clinic to implant 6 more embryos that multiplied into 8. She knew she would have serious problems taking care of such a large family. But she did her ethically and morally questionable fertility treatments anyway. This is how I've felt.

Until yesterday, when I saw the audience and Oprah rip into Nadya Suleman's father. He admitted that he didn't want her to have more children, and that he had even spoken to her fertility doctor about his concerns. He is a psychotherapist himself, and he seemed to question his daughter's mental stability.

Clearly, there are a few issues with her mental stability. But some of Oprah's audience members at the end of the program made good points. Nadya Suleman's children are already here, so why rehash the past--her fertility treatments, her financial situation and her sanity? Instead, they suggested that critical people like me focus on the well-being of her children. We need solutions instead of more criticism. Even Oprah was seemed extra harsh on the show. Then Dr. Oz lit into medical failures of the situation, too. I wonder if Dr. Phil will be more sympathetic. I bet he will play devil's advocate at first, and then turn into a softie later.

CafeMoms have strong feelings about OctoMom. There have been heated discussions about it in Answers: Politics & Current Events. One mom called her a gold digger, and many agreed and disagreed on Nadya Suleman's motives.

What do you think about her scheduled appearance on Dr. Phil today? Should we feel sorry for her, or just forget it and try to move on?

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gturner2 gturner2

Nadya, while not perfect, is a Christian woman. She believes that life begins at conception; therefore, “selective reduction”— selecting one or more babies to abort during a multifetal pregnancy — was not an option. In addition, she believes each frozen embryo represents a life — a human being — and she was not willing to destroy hers.

If you are facing a moral dilemma similar to Nadya Suleman’s and would like to give already-frozen embryos up for adoption, I found a great site to do so:

Bianc... Bianca008

You wrote :He is a psychotherapist himself, NO he is a linguist . This is how wrong information gets out there .

Cafe... Cafe Kristen

Bianca008, I think you are right, and I corrected my story above. THANK YOU. I aim to get all of the facts right and apologize sincerely when I don't!

Fruga... Frugalista

The dad is a linguist overseas. He said he's NOT a psychotherapist, and asked Oprah to have her (Nadya) evaluated.

Fruga... Frugalista

oops. guess i should have read all of the comments before replying. my bad.

Lawre... Lawrencelezmom

my thing is how do you knwo they will get loving homes...? these babies are goin to have  problems physical or emotional or neurological. there are thousands maybe more children in foster care who will NEVER  be adopted. my friend was in foster care and has many horror stories. im not saying dont adopt them out im just saying it will be hard for the babies

Tickl... TickledBlue

I did see the show and it was oddly compelling. She is so self absorbed that she didn't even consider the emotional

wellness of her six previous children. She seems to be searching for a larger house, too. Who shall supply it? I

do pray for her children at night along with others who are hurting.

JoMom... JoMomtoCandJ2

I am tired of her story. She is a very bad example to our young girls. But I have to say that I think that protective services need to stay involved. She can't be left alone with those children.

I'm not in any way advocating them stripping her of her parental rights, but come on. She made bad choices and now she has to pay the price for it.

nonmember avatar Not Ready Yet

Not ready to let her off the hook to "move on". Noone is talking about punishing the kids, just ensuring they grow up in a stable home. The fact that CPS and Kaiser have taken off whatever glasses they had on and are looking at this knowing people are watching, I believe they'll do what's necessary to straighten this out. As for the mom, I doubt seriously that she is getting the attention she wanted, at this point she's just getting negative attention. Anyone opting to beat her record and let the public foot the bill, beware.

nonmember avatar Taxpayer

Well, This just tells every wanna be mom that you say to hell with personal responsiblility, Dr. Phil and America will bail you out. You can do whatever you please, the consequences be damned. You deserve immediate gratification - after all, it worked for Nadya, didn't it? Why have a double standard? If another mother didn't have a home, income, car seats, a job, means of support, adewuate care, those kids would rightly be TAKEN AWAY!!! Why is Dr. Phil encouraging this kind of selfishness and glamorizing this mental case?

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