Gmail Email Down: I Am TechnoStressed

GmailUpdate: Gmail is back up. They've apologized for the matter, but they haven't explained what happened. And all is right with the world. Almost.

Nothing makes me more upset than computer snafus. My daughter could climb into the hood of our minivan and take out the spark plugs, and I'd be okay.

But if my Gmail went down, I'd totally lose it.

That's how dependent I am on technology. And that's how impatient I am when something stops working, and I can't fix it. Especially my email, which I've come to rely on like sun and water.

So I'll just say it, I'm losing it. Gmail email is down. This morning, I'm looking for ways to be more patient and less technostressed.


Since 12 a.m. EST, bloggers have reported problems with their Gmail email accounts. Gmail has gotten back to them to say they are aware and working on their issues.

Google, Gmail's creator, hasn't issued statements. But I bet their people were up all night. The problem is worldwide. People on Twitter are hysterical. Some estimate that 10 million people--and many companies--rely on Gmail.

CNN reported on how we've become reliant on technology, and how it's more embedded in our lives than ever before. Email, cell phones, laptops, Blackberries and iPhones--they all become maybe more important than they should.

One researcher, Dr. Michelle M. Weil, wrote the book, TechnoStress: Coping With Technology @Work @Home @Play, and she thinks all these gadgets--Facebook included--are affecting us negatively.

She asks if you're a victim of technosis:

  • Do you feel stressed if you haven't checked your email in 12 hours?
  • Do you feel like you can't cook a meal without a gadget (cell phone, computer recipe, high tech crock pot)?
  • Do you become upset if you can't find an ATM quickly?
  • Do you have difficult writing without sitting in front of your computer?
  • Do you have a hard time stopping when you're reading about a topic on the Internet?

If you answer yes to any of these questions--and I answered yes to all of them--you're suffering from technosis, according to Weil. That's when we're maybe a little too attached to technology. We lose sight of where we end and technology begins. It means you might have a tendency to work too much and never feel finished.

Meanwhile, Gmail is still down. Since I'm still freaking, I just looked up How to Practice Basic Meditation for Stress Management. And I'm trying to look at the bright side: Maybe I can hit the gym earlier since half the world--including my work colleagues--are on Gmail, and they can't email me this morning.

Are you on Gmail? Do you get stressed when geeky tech stuff doesn't work?

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