25 Random Unhealthy Things About Me

unhealthy things about meI feel like giving TMI today, so I'm finally going to write a 25 Random Things list.

I'm fessing up to all the unhealthy things I've done or still do.

Are you getting a lot of these lists from friends? I've learned many important tidbits about my friends: One has had sex in a bus stations and another finally got rid of her crabs. Usually, the lists are 25 Things I Don't Need To Know, but I'll admit it. I'm so into reading them that I have forgotten to feed my kids for the last three days.

I'm not the only one. I just read that 5 million of these notes—that's 125 million facts—have appeared on Facebook just in February.

Check around Daily Buzz. I hear all of us editors are oversharing today.


25 Random Unhealthy Things About Me

  1. I've had unprotected sex once. Or maybe twice.
  2. I once peed on a Mercedes.
  3. I know a lot about dog poop because I cleaned the kennels at my dad's dog breeding business for 10 years.
  4. I eat pizza without the whole wheat crust.
  5. I have eaten a McDonald's Happy Meal.
  6. I used to smoke Capri Ultra Lights.
  7. I finally disinfected my laptop yesterday after a year of use.
  8. Jerry Springer and Rock of Love aren't that bad.
  9. Bacon is best when eaten in a whole pack.
  10. I don't always wear my seat belt.
  11. I will not get a flu shot.
  12. I still haven't given blood.
  13. I do not remember my cholesterol levels.
  14. I've had sunburns with blisters the size of my butt.
  15. I would die if I didn't dye my hair every 3 weeks.
  16. I forget to clean the humidifier before each use. Or like ever.
  17. I've worn clothes from a second-hand store without washing them first.
  18. I have tried on bathing suits without my underwear on.
  19. I have slept on the hood of a car and in the back of a pick up truck.
  20. I think I was at the Grateful Dead concert, but I don't really remember.
  21. I take medications past their expiration dates.
  22. I let my kids drink Sprite at restaurants.
  23. I like to dare people to eat pet food.
  24. No matter how hard I try, I forget to do my Kegels.
  25. I once touched Joey from New Kids on the Block and didn't wash my hand for a week.

By all means, do not do as I do.

Are you getting way too many of these lists in your inbox, too?


Tag. It's your turn. Fess on up. What are 5 unhealthy things you do?

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