Vaccine Debate Continues with Campbell Brown Rant


The latest court ruling states--loudly and clearly--that there is no link between thirmerasol in vaccines and autism. The news has been full of pro- and anti- vaccination stories ever since.

It was hard to miss Campbell Brown's rant. It starts:

"The verdict is in. There is no connection between vaccines and autism. And it is time that all of us get our children vaccinated."

No matter how I feel about vaccinations, I was disappointed Campbell Brown's lack of compassion.

My personal opinion is shaped by living in Essex County, New Jersey, which has the highest rate of autism in the country. My state also mandates the most childhood vaccines of any state in the country. My state also is home to the most pharmaceutical companies. A child in my family (not my child) had seizures just hours after her 6-month MMR shot. We don't know why. I'm not for or against vaccines. I'm just scared. And I'd like to have more answers.

Vaccines are lifesavers, yes. But why so many so early? In some of the healthiest countries in Europe, kids bodies are allowed to turn a few years old before they get half as many vaccines. For example, Sweden gives the MMR at 18 months. But we could quote stats on both sides all day. Cafe Cynthia recently wrote about the autism doc who supposedly fixed numbers.

I wish women like Campbell Brown, who's pregnant with her second, would state their pro-vaccine opinions with more compassion and more open-mindedness. No celebrity should dictate to us what do to with our kids' health. Important decisions should stay be between our families and our doctors.

Then there's Amanda Peet who said: "Frankly, I feel that parents who don't vaccinate their children are parasites." Not very sympathetic to those who are dealing with the mysterious, heartbreaking autism.

Many CafeMoms are writing in their Journals about this issue--but with a lot more compassion. Check out lizabeth8152004's piece, On Vaccines: Consider the Source, Follow the Money.

Pinkmommy2 writes: "I don't know if shots cause autism. However, my kids are up to date on all their shots... Parents who stick with not giving their children shots are just as good [as the] parents who do."

Do you believe Campbell Brown and Amanda Peet? Or are you more on the side of Jenny McCarthy, proponent of Greening Our Vaccines? Or maybe you don't care what celebrities say and you're more like Pinkmommy2 who has her opinion but tries to see both sides.

I personally would like more information and less ranting. Ranting just further divides us on this important issue.


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Jessy... Jessy0419

Why was your friend having their 6 mo old vaccinated for the MMR when it's not recommended by the CDC until at least 12 mo? 

I don't believe celebrities.  I trust my mommy instinct.  Why are we trying to "go green" with our food and cleaning products?  To be healthier, yes?  If so, injecting things like formaldehyde, aluminum, anti-freeze, MSG, and animal/human DNA into my children makes all my green efforts for naught.  Those things CANNOT be good for a person and AREN'T!  Yet we inject them into the blood streams of children who can't even sit up on their own in the name of health.

Why are cancer rates up?  Why are CHILDHOOD cancer rates up?  Why are infertility rates rising?  Why do SIDS deaths seem to happen around the same time vaccinations are given?  If you go back and look, these things started increasing around the same time the CDC vaccine schedule increased. 

Did you know we inject our children with 36 viruses/bacteria before they turn 2? 

Did you know that some vaxxes are known to cause sterility?

Did you know that formaldehyde is linked to leukemia?

Did you know that aluminum is linked to Alzheimers?

Did you know that there IS still thimerosal in the vaccines, even though they say it's been removed?  You can verify that at the CDC's website.  If it's less than 3 mcg it doesn't have to be listed as an ingredient.

Jessy... Jessy0419

Why are we going to trust research done by organizations who are given grants by the pharmaceutical companies?  Why are we vaccinating infants for STD's (HepB) and for diseases that aren't even around, like Diptheria?  And for diseases that aren't deadly if treated right away, like CP, Measles, Mumps and Rubella?

Did you know that you yourself are at risk if you're not up to date with your own vaccinations?

I'm so tired of people saying unvaccinated children put others at risk.  If that were the case, then EVERY child would be a "disease spreader" because at some point they aren't vaccinated and/or haven't completed the series.  And if the general public is so concerned about the unvaccinated children, what does that say for the vaccines' ability to create immunity?  I mean, if your kids are vaccinated then why are you concerned about the unvaccinated child?  And if you don't have faith in the vaccines, then why are you even giving them?

21stC... 21stCenturyMom

Hey, Cafebuzzer, how bout instead of starting a fight between vaxing and non-vaxing moms, how about contribute to healing the rift between moms of autistics kids? Who do I believe Amanda Peet or Jenny McCarthy? Sorry, I don't turn to celebrities for my important life choices, especially those that require a review of medical lit. I may sound hostile to you, but as an actual mom of an actual autistic kid, I'm kinda over ppl who don't have autism in the lives kicking up this debate.

Moms of autistic kids- let's move past all of this and work together for our children's sake.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Wow.  That sucks.  I like Campbell Brown, but that's bullshit.

There are SO many options with vaccines - it's not just "Do you" or "Don't you".

There's delayed vaccinations, selective vaccinations, religious exemptions, medical exemptions... there IS no one-size-fits-all answer to vaccines!

neonds13 neonds13

This was THREE court cases!!!!  In 3 cases it was ruled that vaccines did not contribute to their child's autism.  This IS NOT some landmark breaking evidence proving all vaccines to be safe and proving that no child's autism is due to vaccines!  That is pissing me off about this whole thing!  The media screwed up by spewing the ridiculous headline that "Vaccines don't cause Autism".  That was so wrong and such an error on the media's part!!!  HELLO???  Does anyone remember the Hannah Polling case this summer?  Her case WON!  It was ruled that vaccines DID contribute to her Autism!  Where was the media then?  Should they have spewed off the headline that read "Vaccines Cause Autism"?  Hell no and yeah right!  Do you know the kind of uproar that would've caused among vaxing & non-vaxing parents of those with & without autistic children?  But hey, 3 cases out of how many millions of pending "Autism vs. Vaccine" cases, lose their lawsuit and all of a sudden vaccines don't cause or contribute to autism.  What a bunch of bullshit!  I am so sick  of hearing this headline now.  Three court cases that lost does not speak ANY truth that there is not a link.  A legal battle IS NOT medical, ethical or scientific evidence or research that proves to me or the millions of other Moms out there that vaccines have nothing to do with autism!

nonmember avatar Katherine Riebe

I would like to say that I AM a child/adult who suffers from CRS. The fact that I have CRS is the direct result of a mom would did not get vaccinated. Also, I got vaccinated myself with the MMR and I am not living with austism. However, I am living with CRS (Congentital Rubella Syndrome) as a result of lack of concern being vaccinated in the first place. So, I highly suggest parents get their children vaccinated, period. If not, you ARE putting children, and unvaccinated adults, mind you, at risk. I was born in 1965 and between 1964 and 1965, 20,000 of us have suffered from CRS as a result of ignorant parents, mostly religious, who are not getting their children vaccinated. Science has proved that the MMR shots do not cause autism. Therefore, there is some other health issue causing the austism. Genetics? Most probable. Other chemical ingestion? Most probable. But not the MMR shot. It is scientifically unconconclusive to point fingers at the MMR and reap rewards from suing health professionals.

neonds13 neonds13

To Katherine Riebe -

I would LOVE to see this so-called "scientific evidence" that you seem to be aware of that is a justifiable study that PROVES without a doubt that vaccines don't cause Autism.  I have been researching vaccines and autism and everything in between for over a year now and I have NEVER seen such a study.  I have seen plenty of articles that claim that vaccines are not the cause and have nothing to do with autism, but never a STUDY or SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE.  I do not doubt that genetics and environment play a large role in Autism, but the increase of Autism has increased with the increase of vaccines on the CDC's recommended schedule.  The vaccine schedule has nearly TRIPLED in the past 25 years - along with the Autism rate.  If you look at the statistics - that's undeniable!!  Also if you look up the symptoms of Mercury (Thimerosal) Poisoning and those of Autism - you would find them to be almost identical.  Hmmm, makes me wonder....

banging head into wall

pjays20 pjays20

So why if thimerosal is being pulled (or at least decreased) from shots why is the rate of Autism rising?  So if the thermisal is causing Autism then autism should be decreasing.   You choosing to not vacinate your child does put other children at risk.  You put those who can not safely get vaccinated also vaccinations are not 100% effective.  The reason the Hannah Polling case won is because she had other medical conditions and she really should not have had the vaccinations to begin with. I have seen hundreds of studies showing that vaccinations do not cause Autism and only one study that shows it does and that was based on some quack dr that did a study on 12 kids.

nonmember avatar ELIZABETH

As a mother of a 12-yr old female w/autism, I know all about the many contraversies concerning autism & where it "might" come from...I want to make myself clear on one thing: I AM NOT AGAINST VACCINES, I am against the vaccine schedule that many states have &/or push onto the parents. I feel that as long as the child is vaccinated before he enrolls in school, it should be up to the parents when he gets the vaccinations.
Autism is predominately a genetic disorder. It stems from genetic defects passed to a child from the parents. It has not been pin-pointed down, as to which exact genes have to have the defect, but I guarantee that it is more than 1. When these genetic defects are compromised or combined with, say, an enviromental factor, that's when the "autism monster" starts to reel its ugly head. But what would cause the genetic defects? Well...if you research vaccinations, & can get through all the big scientific wording & governmental red tape, you will find out that most of these pharmaceutical companies that make the vaccines, tested them on ADULTS...NOT NEWBORNS & INFANTS. Then think about when the vaccinations became mandatory...then think about how many generations have had the vaccines b/c they were mandatory...if you can do the math, you might understand my theory: could something in the vaccines that my mom & dad...or my husband & I...had, caused the first round of defective genes to be passed down to us...or our kids. This is just my theory.

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