Vaccine Debate Continues with Campbell Brown Rant

The latest court ruling states--loudly and clearly--that there is no link between thirmerasol in vaccines and autism. The news has been full of pro- and anti- vaccination stories ever since.

It was hard to miss Campbell Brown's rant. It starts:

"The verdict is in. There is no connection between vaccines and autism. And it is time that all of us get our children vaccinated."


No matter how I feel about vaccinations, I was disappointed Campbell Brown's lack of compassion.

My personal opinion is shaped by living in Essex County, New Jersey, which has the highest rate of autism in the country. My state also mandates the most childhood vaccines of any state in the country. My state also is home to the most pharmaceutical companies. A child in my family (not my child) had seizures just hours after her 6-month MMR shot. We don't know why. I'm not for or against vaccines. I'm just scared. And I'd like to have more answers.

Vaccines are lifesavers, yes. But why so many so early? In some of the healthiest countries in Europe, kids bodies are allowed to turn a few years old before they get half as many vaccines. For example, Sweden gives the MMR at 18 months. But we could quote stats on both sides all day. Cafe Cynthia recently wrote about the autism doc who supposedly fixed numbers.

I wish women like Campbell Brown, who's pregnant with her second, would state their pro-vaccine opinions with more compassion and more open-mindedness. No celebrity should dictate to us what do to with our kids' health. Important decisions should stay be between our families and our doctors.

Then there's Amanda Peet who said: "Frankly, I feel that parents who don't vaccinate their children are parasites." Not very sympathetic to those who are dealing with the mysterious, heartbreaking autism.

Many CafeMoms are writing in their Journals about this issue--but with a lot more compassion. Check out lizabeth8152004's piece, On Vaccines: Consider the Source, Follow the Money.

Pinkmommy2 writes: "I don't know if shots cause autism. However, my kids are up to date on all their shots... Parents who stick with not giving their children shots are just as good [as the] parents who do."

Do you believe Campbell Brown and Amanda Peet? Or are you more on the side of Jenny McCarthy, proponent of Greening Our Vaccines? Or maybe you don't care what celebrities say and you're more like Pinkmommy2 who has her opinion but tries to see both sides.

I personally would like more information and less ranting. Ranting just further divides us on this important issue.

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