Yay Root Canal: Does Your Dentist Give You Laughing Gas?


As you read this post, I'll be getting my root canal today. This is my second root canal in the last 10 months, and let me just say, I'm pleased as apple pie about it. But there are worse fates. If I had to choose between getting a root canal or putting my house on the market, I'd probably go for the root canal.

All I'm saying is, I ain't gonna die.

But I'm still scared.

Here is a silly video that cheered me up. 10 million viewers have seen this kid tripping in the back seat of his dad's car after the dentist pulled one of his teeth.

Meanwhile, my own dentist won't be giving me anything harder than Novocaine, which he will inject into my gum with an Epidural-sized needle. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. But the thought of it makes me panic. So I went to my regular doctor and got some Xanax to help me get through today's root canal.

And I have a few extra tablets, good for future freak outs.

Anyway, think good thoughts for me, pretty please. I did get some comfort knowing I wasn't alone--vadasmom posted in the health section that she had to have a root canal, too.

Do you freak when you go to the dentist? Does your dentist give you laughing gas?

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RanaA... RanaAurora

No, I don't freak out.  My dentist offers nitrous-oxide, but I've never taken them up on the offer.

devan... devante9901

I have to schedule a root canal SOON.  I've had 3 of them.  My dentist gives me laughing gas - which makes everything much better.  The endodontist (professional root canal guy - doesn't.  He just numbs me up to the forehead and gets the job done).  I'm hoping this next root canal is simple enough that my regular dentist can get it done - with the gas.  I close my eyes, he turns on the bright light, and I pretend I'm lying on the beach in Jamaica. 

My dentists wife is afraid of the dentist - LMAO - she gets laughing gas to have her teeth cleaned - and guess what?  So do I!  I would have a root canal without gas before I'd EVER have my teeth cleaned without it.  *shudder*


riotgrrl riotgrrl

My dentist only uses novocaine. I'd much prefer something a little stronger. ;(

Scorp... Scorpio359

Girls I have had so many root canals you could ride a boat down my mouth.  I have also had 2 academe's spelling is wrong, several caps, 2 sets of caps over 8 teeth in front and God only knows what else. I also have a torus on the roof of my mouth that is growing so will have to have taken out. I had laughing gas once was allergic to it and almost took the dental assistant and the dentist  and threw them against the wall. When I come back in another life I am going to have the best teeth you ever saw.

katzm... katzmeow726

My dentist gives it for pretty much everything...even a regular cleaning! 

Jynx1978 Jynx1978

I detest the dentist, and not ONCE have I gotten laughing gas.  I've had 5 root canals, BTW,

Midni... MidnightKarma

I don't go to the dentist often because I hate dentists, I don't like people messing with my teeth or looking in my mouth. I have had 2 extractions but they used novocaine to numb my gums. Never had laughing gas but I am half tempted to try after watching the kid in the video LOL

nonmember avatar ddcc

omg today i am getting a root canal too! i am freaking out ! i dont know wether to cry or not im so afraid of the dentist.

nonmember avatar bernie

omg have 2 get a root canal im so freaked out. dont do needles , dont even take pain killers altho i no im going 2 hav 2 dis time :( my dentist send me 2 get sem put out 2 get the tooth out and i went and freaked out when i seen em all standin round in gowens ,, dont mind da spelling ppl:P:P
so he said he wod do root canal and need 9 filling omg 9 never ever needed anything done 2 my teeth b4 as my teeth were great ,, its only after having my 3 kids iv delop probs, which he said was quite common, he has said i can hav laughin gas /// and if dats da same as gas in child birth cla but wod tat b enough as i had dat and eper lol total numb .
anyways my appointment is 4 18 aug so ppl plz let me no hw u got on with a root canal and fillings? and hw it is after plz ppl tell me the needle is the worst part????? xxxxx my email is hotty9183@hotmail.co.uk thankx

nonmember avatar Pozycjonowanie

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