Yay Root Canal: Does Your Dentist Give You Laughing Gas?

As you read this post, I'll be getting my root canal today. This is my second root canal in the last 10 months, and let me just say, I'm pleased as apple pie about it. But there are worse fates. If I had to choose between getting a root canal or putting my house on the market, I'd probably go for the root canal.

All I'm saying is, I ain't gonna die.

But I'm still scared.

Here is a silly video that cheered me up. 10 million viewers have seen this kid tripping in the back seat of his dad's car after the dentist pulled one of his teeth.


Meanwhile, my own dentist won't be giving me anything harder than Novocaine, which he will inject into my gum with an Epidural-sized needle. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. But the thought of it makes me panic. So I went to my regular doctor and got some Xanax to help me get through today's root canal.

And I have a few extra tablets, good for future freak outs.

Anyway, think good thoughts for me, pretty please. I did get some comfort knowing I wasn't alone--vadasmom posted in the health section that she had to have a root canal, too.

Do you freak when you go to the dentist? Does your dentist give you laughing gas?

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