Continental 3407 Plane Crash Makes Us Sad, Fearful

Yesterday was a very strange day near Newark, New Jersey, where Continental Flight 3407 originated. I live 7 miles from Newark International Airport in a town called Montclair, and what started as a balmy 50-degree spring day (in February!), turned into a dangerous windy mess by noon.

I don't mean a little wind. It was so windy here that streets were closed all over town because trees fell down and roofing shingles from our houses were flying around everywhere.

It was dangerous. I was frightened when I took my kids to the grocery store. I thought a sign from the shopping plaza was going to rip off and clock one of us in the head.

I can't help but wonder if yesterday's strange weather in the Northeast had something to do with this horrific tragedy. It's too early to tell. But I do know that another plane crash--the NYC US Airways 1549 crash happened less than a month ago 13 miles from my house--brings up irrational fears for me.


I take Continental out of Newark all the time to visit my parents.

And since the airport is close to my house, and planes fly over all the time, could a plane possibly wreck in our neighborhood in preparation for landing?

The fire blazing from a suburban home near Buffalo, New York, is nightmarish. I feel uneasy and sick just looking at it.

It's so sad that 49 people died in this as yet unexplained crash. Here is just one heartbreaking story from one of the victims' families, according to CNN:

"According to the Buffalo News newspaper, one of the crash victims, Beverly Eckert, was the widow of 9/11 terror attack victim Sean Rooney, a Buffalo native. Eckert was traveling to Buffalo for a weekend celebration of what would have been her husband's 58th birthday.

She also had planned to take part in presentation of a scholarship award at Canisius High School that she established in honor of her late husband, the newspaper reported.

Her sister, Sue Bourque, said that while the family had not yet received official confirmation of her sister's fate, the reality was settling in. 'We know she was on that plane," Bourque told the newspaper, "and now she's with him.'"

How does the news of this plane crash make you feel this morning? Is it making you feel scared?

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