Biggest Loser Couples: Bye Bye Blaine

the Biggest Loser CouplesWhile I'm on the subject of couples today, did you see this Tuesday's episode of The Biggest Loser Couples?

(Spoiler warning!)


Over at That's Fit, they gave a good recap of The Biggest Loser Couples Week 7.

Here are a few trainer suggestions from the episode, and there's an interview with fitness phenon Jillian Michaels up at That's Fit.:

  • Jillian says to eat 85 percent of meals at home. Save on calories and cost. Plus, eating out is a recipe for overeating.
  • Only 13 percent of kids walk to school. Help fight childhood obesity by starting a walking school bus in your neighborhood, meaning you help organize kids to walk from home to their classrooms. A 30-minute walk twice a day can burn up to 1,000 calories per week or 10 pounds in a school year. Can you walk more on errands around your neighborhood?

In the end, the Black Team got told bye-bye after Blaine begged to go home and see his newborn son. At least he got his wish. For more discussion, head over to the group Biggest Loser Groupies.

What did you think? Who should stay? Who should go next?

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