I'm Beating Myself Up Because I Wrecked My Car

Volkswagon Beetle

Photo courtesy of Volkswagen

I'm very lucky that I didn't do any damage to anyone--or myself--last night when I wrecked my Volkswagen Beetle into a curb.

I was turning into a driveway, and I missed. The curb wouldn't have done much damage on it's own, but an old parking meter pole was sticking up out of the ground. I smacked into it and broke the front axle of the car. I did serious damage to this little Beetle convertible.

I feel bad today. Just bad. First of all, I was careless. I was running late to a meeting, and I totally blame myself for not paying enough attention. Second, it's going to be a very expensive mistake, and wasting money right now stresses me out. Third, I'm worried that I'm truly a crappy driver or that something's going on with my eyesight. This is the second time I've whacked into something I didn't see in 4 months.


Again, thank goodness I didn't hurt anyone else or myself. I think I just hurt my ego and wallet pretty badly.

Looking for advice, I found these 5 tips to stop beating yourself up from life coach and actress Sophie Keller:

  1. Stop being so hard on yourself. Let go of the need to be more special and try to be more ordinary.
  2. Be vulnerable and ask for help, advice or support.
  3. Strip the word failure from your vocabulary. Replace with word with feedback and try to approach what you feel badly about in a different way.
  4. Accept your dark side and embrace it. It's okay to feel envious, selfish or whatever sometimes. Accept your human-ness.
  5. Stop judging. Try not to say a negative word about yourself or anyone else.

Shoot. She doesn't say anything about drowning in self-pity over a bottle of vodka and cream-filled chocolate donuts. I guess that's out. I'm going to try to be more positive and see this as a learning experience. (But at my age, shouldn't I know how to drive?) I'll get my eyes checked again. I'll maybe admit that I'm not the best driver in New Jersey.

At least my insurance agent was really nice to me. Sensing that I was down in the dumps, he said, "Kristen, are you really all right?" When I assured him that I was totally fine, he said: "Hold your head high, and you make sure you have a nice day now."

Have you done something totally stupid and beat yourself up about it?

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