Chris Brown Arrested?!

I checked outside, and I'm pretty sure pigs are playing poker on my front porch. That's how surprised I am to hear about squeaky clean, 19-year-old Chris Brown's arrest for allegedly beating up girlfriend Rihanna right before the Grammy Awards last night.


You probably know the details, but just in case you missed it: Chris Brown was officially booked into custody of the Los Angeles Police Department charged with one count of felony criminal threats before last night's show. His bail was set at $50,000. He and longtime girlfriend Rihanna were each nominated for Grammy Awards and were supposed to perform separately. They both canceled.

Around 11:40 p.m. EST, Chris posted bail and was released.

Though we can't be sure what caused their problems, we do know that any domestic violence is sad and wrong. How did this happen? Listening to his sweet, soulful songs like With You just won't be the same.

This morning, it's not clear if there was an actual physical attack or if Chris Brown just made threats. It's also not confirmed that Rihanna was involved. Her publicist has said she is well.

But I still feel shocked and upset by this news. I loved Chris Brown, and I don't think I will feel the same about him again. Check back here tomorrow for an inspiring story from a CafeMom about her own experience with domestic violence.

In lighter news, click over to Cafe MichelleL's Entertainment Buzz for more Grammy Awards coverage. The highlight of the night was Jennifer Hudson's appearance, don't you think?

How do you feel about Chris Brown this morning? Are you disappointed in him? Or do you need to hear more details before you make up your mind?

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