Papa John's John Schnatter Says Don't Eat Too Much Pizza

Papa John's founder John Schnatter offered the following diet advice: Eat only one or two slices for optimal health. You'll, like, get fat if you eat five or six.

Damn. John just messed up tonight's plan to order the XL 1-Topping Pizza special with 20 wings in my choice of 3 delicious sauces for $25.00.

I was going to order one special for me, and one for my kids. You know, just to be healthy.


I'm going to be honest here, John Schnatter is from my hometown, the lovely Jeffersonville, Indiana, a scrubby suburb of the much lovelier Louisville, Kentucky.

My brother was on the same baseball team as John, and they used to argue about foul balls and beat each other up. Then we'd go to this bar called Nick's (where they let 12-year-olds in) and order the pizza that John made in the back. It was the first Papa John's, before it was The Papa John's. 

So you see why this brilliant business entreprenuer's advice rings a special bell with me.

I'll be sure to eat only one or two, since he says that amount of pizza is "healthy" and "very nutritious."

How much pizza do you eat? I eat more than I should, but I don't fool myself into thinking it's healthy, no matter what Papa says.

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