Should a 60-year-old Woman Be Allowed to Have Twins?

Joan Lunden

Joan Lunden, 58, has two sets of twins.

After trying to have children for nearly 40 years, a 60-year-old woman gave birth to twins in Canada last week. Indian-born Canadian Ranjit Hayer delivered twin boys, by Caesarean section at Calgary's Foothills Medical Centre this past Tuesday.

Whoa. I barely survived my twin pregnancy and labor and newborns when I was 31. I can't imagine doing it at 40, let alone when I am 60. But I also wouldn't know how another woman--especially one who suffered from infertility--feels.

Should a 60-year-old woman be allowed to have fertility treatments and, well, babies?


Even doctors don't agree.

Canadian fertility experts turned this mother away because of her advanced maternal age--I hate that medical term, makes me think of bed sores and Geritol--and the high risk of problems during a possible pregnancy.

So Ranjit Hayer went to her native India for fertilization. Obviously, it worked.

On one hand, who can blame this woman who desperately wanted children and who'd suffered from three miscarriages in the past? On the other hand, well, she's a 60-year-old post-menopausal female.

Ranjit is the oldest woman to give birth in Canada, though internationally, the oldest is around age 70. Her baby boys were born 7 weeks prematurely, and are currently in good condition. She had been pregnant with triplets, but one baby had to terminated because of medical problems. This is a heartwrenching story with a happy ending, for now.

Today's medical technology has evolved to the point that this can happen. Ranjit wasn't able to get pregnant with older methods when she tried in the past.

But are these methods healthy? I'm not the only CafeMom thinking about it early this morning. EmilysMom04 posted this news in her journal at 6:40 a.m., and while the rest of us were sleeping, Van822 posted about the 60-year-old mother in the private group THATs What I'm Talking About. What do you think?

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