You Could Be the New Face Of Adidas

Candace Parker for adidas
My muscles have gone from marshmallows to Mallowmars, a big improvement for me.

So maybe adidas will choose me to be the new face of their Me, Myself campaign.

A girl can dream.

Anyway, as I just read over at That's Fit, adidas is inviting us to be their new face alongside WNBA star Candace Parker.


From the Adidas website:

"Just upload a photo of yourself in your adidas gear and tell us what inspires you about sport. If people vote for your photo and story, this will increase your chances of winning a trip to Los Angeles for a private photo shoot with Candace and become a featured face in the newest adidas women's campaign."

Is hip hop a sport? Can I say I'm inspired by Beyonce? I won't say that I have trouble with my timing in All the Single Ladies. Maybe I'll just click back over to That's Fit to enter their free giveaway for women's workout clothes. Leave a comment there to enter to win a really cute adidas outfit.

Why should you be the new face of adidas? Can you lift your 30-pound child as swiftly as you lift a Twinkie? I can!

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