Move of the Week: Exercise With Your Stroller

Lean MommySaggy boobs?

Poochy mommy tummy?

Stroller Strides founder Lisa Druxman has our backs--and our boobs and tummies.

She came up with two exercises to tone these common problem areas for women who've had a baby or two or three. Or if you're Michelle Duggar, maybe you've had eighteen.

Here are two moves of the week using the only piece of gym equipment you'll need: Your stroller.


The Stroller Push Up

Lean Mommy

Photos courtesy of Lean Mommy

Lean Mommy

Body Bonus: Strengthen chest and core muscles to give saggy boobs a lift from underneath.

Start: Kneel in front of stroller facing baby. Place each hand on lower edge of stroller footrest or wheel base. Then walk your knees back until arms are fully extended and head, shoulders, hips and knees form a diagonal line.

Finish: Tighten your abs and bend elbos out to the sides to lower your chest to baby. Hold, then push back up to straight-arm position. Repeat and do as many as you can.

Stroller Reverse Curl

Lean Mommy

Lean Mommy

Body Bonus: Targets six-pack with an emphasis on lower abs to get rid of that mommy tummy.

Start: Lie in front of stroller with top of head next to front wheel. Bring both hands over your head to hold on to the wheel. Then bring both legs up above hips, with knees slightly bent.

Finish: As you exhale, contract abs so hips tilt slightly forward, lower back rising slightly off ground. Hold, then slowly lower legs and repeat.

If you're looking for more, check out my story from last fall Lose Pounds Weight Lifting with Baby. Awesome mom MyTwoAngels0608 gave us those tips.

Do you get some exercise with your baby?

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