What Do You Think: Michael Phelps Smokes Pot

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is in hot water again. This time, for smoking pot. A British newspaper published a photo of him taking a hit off a bong. He has since apologized for being such a dope.

The Internet was up in arms saying Michael Phelps could lose his sponsorships because of drug use. But I'm thinking he didn't lose them before when he got a DUI in 2004. Why would he lose them now because he got hot?

Should he be punished for smoking weed? Olympic officials look like they're going to leave it alone. Maybe they'll send him some extra potato chips and Rice Krispy Treats.


Who knows what should happen? But I do know that Michael Phelps is a role model to millions of kids who wear clothes and weird towels sporting his name. He's also been a spokesperson against drug use in the past.

I think it's up to Nike whether they want to keep using him. I don't blame them if they don't want their slogan of Just Do It to take on a grassy new meaning.

Marijuana use is controversial. Medical marijuana is legal in some states, including California. There are many groups, including MOMSLOM: Moms for the Legalization of Marijuana, advocating for weed to be legalized. Meanwhile, moms on both sides of the fence were disappointed in Michael Phelps, and they said so in Politics & Current Events Questions. For more discussion, check out Big Kid blogger, Cafe Kierna's post Michael Phelps is a Pot Head!

I have my own opinion on this subject, as many people do. And they're shaped by my personal experiences of having a drug user in my immediate family. It sucks. But on the other hand, pot is just pot.

Or is it? What do you think?

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