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valentine's dayWhen I was supposed to be working yesterday, I was IM-ing with my Dear Husband. He was politely and nicely reading my Healthy Living posts because he knows that makes me very happy.

But he had a few concerns about one of my recent sex stories.

Dear Husband: Hmmm. I like  10 Reasons Why Sex is Super Healthy, but watching 90210 is not a valid reason to be too busy for sex.

Cafe Kristen: You're probably right.

DH: Also, you say that sex boosts immunity. Maybe if you'd, um, you know, I wouldn't have had to go on antibiotics last week when I had a sinus infection.

CK: Very funny.

DH: You said sex burns calories, and you know we're both trying to lose a few pounds.

wink mini

CK: Yes.

DH: I want to add that a Harvard University study from 2004 found men who reported frequent sexual activity had a 33 percent lower risk of cancer.

CK: Wow. I should write about that.

DH: Another study found that sex has protective health benefits for men as we age.

CK: You're doing research?

DH: The bottom line is that if you want me to live long and be happy and healthy, maybe you should have tons of sex with me.

kiss mini

CK: I'm definitely writing about this!

DH: Uh-oh.

Hee, hee. He's going to kill me. Do you think my husband needs a little more nooky? I think he does. And I do, too. We've just been too busy lately, and not the right kind of busy, if you know what I mean. This year, what to get him for Valentine's Day is a no-brainer.

What do you plan to get your honey for Valentine's Day?

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Fista... Fistandantalus

Well, how often are you guys doing the nasty now?  How many times do you offer up an excuse instead of going for it?  How often do you intiate sex?  How often does he?  What's your attitude towards sex?  Do you think of it as a job that needs to be done often enough to prevent dust from gathering and no more often than that?  Wha's his attitude towards sex?  Does he see it as a chance to increase intimacy, or just something to help him get to sleep?

wiles... wilesmomma

I know my DH needs more sex, and so do I!!! Give it to him, it's all fun anyways!

lovem... lovemybabys1106

I know mine does its been a few months I just had a baby but I was not in the mood the last two months i was preggo so its been almost 4 LOL

A.Bee... A.Beeversmom

Oh wow..i would die for my husband to say that.I mean don;t get my wrong we have sex a lot...but i always hvae to start stuff....well over 3/4 of the time anyway.I don;t know how to get him to ACT like he wants me.i know he does...he just doens't act like it.My husband is a very quiet person and doens't like having to confront people..even me!but come on now....I just dunno what to do...and we have talked about it!
So i would say if your hubby's asking for it....GIVE IT!!!!;D

Raini... RainingHeart

I'm just too damn tired!

Cafe... Cafe Kierna

You all are so cute! Yes, bring on V-Day! Thanks for the reminder about a no-brainer gift.bow down

MamaC... MamaChamp

Yep that's exactly what he wants!  This is how it works for us....he brings the romance and I bring the naughty.  Its a win win! For V Day I'm surprising him with some dominance. grrr...

momof... momof3inTN

I know my hubby would like more in the bedroom but I am too tired to give it. Plus I have no sex drive anyway and why should I do something if I am not in the mood for it. So, our V-day is going to be pretty G-rated. lol Luckily I have a hubby who is awesome and knows it ain't going to happen so we have other things planned. Anyone know of a good movie to rent?

lucho... luchousdiva

True and do we really have to wait till valentines day to do it.  But since its a holiday that means i can dress it up!!

Secj07 Secj07

I have A 15 Month Old And a 8 1/2 Week Old.. Go Figure .. Hubby Loves It All.. And Trust Me Sometimes I Am Dead Tired But That's What Keeps The Fire Going For Us.. That;s What Our Fun Is When The Kids Are Aslleep I Also Have Two Olkder Ones Too 9 And 7 Yr Old .. Can Ya Tell He Loves Sex Lmao.

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