Sex: All My Husband Wants for Valentine's Day

valentine's dayWhen I was supposed to be working yesterday, I was IM-ing with my Dear Husband. He was politely and nicely reading my Healthy Living posts because he knows that makes me very happy.

But he had a few concerns about one of my recent sex stories.

Dear Husband: Hmmm. I like  10 Reasons Why Sex is Super Healthy, but watching 90210 is not a valid reason to be too busy for sex.

Cafe Kristen: You're probably right.


DH: Also, you say that sex boosts immunity. Maybe if you'd, um, you know, I wouldn't have had to go on antibiotics last week when I had a sinus infection.

CK: Very funny.

DH: You said sex burns calories, and you know we're both trying to lose a few pounds.

wink mini

CK: Yes.

DH: I want to add that a Harvard University study from 2004 found men who reported frequent sexual activity had a 33 percent lower risk of cancer.

CK: Wow. I should write about that.

DH: Another study found that sex has protective health benefits for men as we age.

CK: You're doing research?

DH: The bottom line is that if you want me to live long and be happy and healthy, maybe you should have tons of sex with me.

kiss mini

CK: I'm definitely writing about this!

DH: Uh-oh.

Hee, hee. He's going to kill me. Do you think my husband needs a little more nooky? I think he does. And I do, too. We've just been too busy lately, and not the right kind of busy, if you know what I mean. This year, what to get him for Valentine's Day is a no-brainer.

What do you plan to get your honey for Valentine's Day?

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