Fad or For Real? The Skinny Switch Diet

Skinny Switch DietThe infomercials are so convincing that I have my wallet out right now, and I might send Rob Nevins $5.95 or maybe $595, I'm not sure which. But yes, I do want to flip my Skinny Switch!

But what is the Skinny Switch Diet? Do I need to switch from real sugar to Splenda? Or maybe he wants me to switch from a double cheese Angus burger to, like, steamed cod. Maybe I should switch from lying on the couch to lifting the couch.

Despite the name, upon further inspection, it doesn't seem like Rob Nevins wants me to switch much of anything. He says we can lose weight eating our regular foods with our families. He says we do not have to exercise. He says every third day I can eat whatever I want. And I say, Taco Bell, I shall not forsake, thee.

Kind of sounds like a scam to me.


Here's the deal on the Skinny Switch Diet from Reviewboard Magazine:

  1. You eat foods that you make from recipes on their website.
  2. Every 3 days you get to load up. That means you eat a meal you can't live without--in my case, chips, cheese, sour cream and guacamole. But someone else might need a slice of pizza or their favorite Chinese delivery.
  3. The infomercial says you don't have to exercise, but the website asks for 30 minutes a day of walking.

Here's what it will cost you: about $150 bucks to 6 months of access to their website, and then there is a special for 6 months more. Also, I wondered just who Rob Nevins was. According to his website, he's a former high school wrestler turned "America's Fat Loss Guru," and he's helped 40,000 people lose weight.

I'm always looking for a new, solid and good diet plan. Who knows? Maybe this is it. But I'm skeptical. So are moms across the CafeMom site who've been buzzing about Skinny Switch. In the CafeMom Newcomers Club, Isaiah431 said, "That's what this diet is... Eating your regular foods with family, no buying anything special or different. it's just about scheduling your meals and combinations, and having treat days. Seems pretty easy, just doesn't seem like it would work..."

What do you think about the Skinny Switch Diet? Do you have your own favorite diet plan? (Hey, The Cookie Diet has a nice name.)

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