No Time to Exercise? Bond with Baby in Stroller Strides


Is your baby--like mine--still in a stroller? Anyone who's tried to carry a baby through the mall without one (I will never do that again) knows that a stroller is essential baby gear.

According to Lisa Druxman, founder of Stroller Strides, a stroller is also a great piece of exercise equipment. And here I thought it was just good for grocery shopping, stowing children's winter coats and carting the dog around. My preschoolers use it for the dog, not me.

Lisa challenges us to get out and walk our babies this February through May for the Stroller Strides Get Fit Challenge. You get one free class, thanks to WellnessMommy for reporting info about it recently in the group Richmond Moms. Stroller Strides is nationwide, so check here to find a location near you.

You and I already know that it's a full-body workout just putting a winter coat on the baby, strapping him into the car and then hefting the stroller into the trunk. But here are a few more interesting ideas.


You really can stroll with your baby and other mommies on your own, too. I used to meet my friend Allison for neighborhood power walks when we both had new babies. We'd work out for 30 minutes and share middle-of-the-night newborn war stories. It was great to share all the joy and suffering with someone who understood, and we didn't need sitters since our babies were with us.

Use baby's nap time for a 30-minute to hour-long stroll. It's especially important to get out of the house on these cold winter days. I know I used to get lonely when I holed up in the house during maternity leave. Two things: Wait until you're at least 6 weeks post-partum, Lisa Druxman says. And also bundle up if you live someplace that's cold.

For more tips, Lisa has a new post-partum exercise and nutrition book out called Lean Mommy. She'll be sharing some more stroller-friendly workout moves in Healthy Living this Thursday.

Did you--or do you--try to walk with your baby in the stroller? Do you think it's important to try to get out of the house and exercise, even when you're super busy with Baby?

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