Fitness Applications for Your iPhone & Online

baby iPhone

Photo by Tannershotmom

If I had to choose between my middle child or my iPhone, I would definitely choose my middle child.

But there are two things I really enjoy--in addition to each of my kids--and that's my iPhone and fitness.

With all these new cheap health fitness applications for my iPhone, I can goof around with both at once when I'm supposed to be doing bills or paying attention to my kids.

Don't have an iPhone? I got your back. All of these apps also have the same tools online for free.


Daily Calorie Calculator: Get an estimate of how many calories you should be eating each day with this calorie intake calculator. No iPhone? Click here.

Food Information Database: This application provides nutritional information for thousands of restaurants to let you know how much you’re taking in even when you’re eating out. No iPhone? Click here.

Calories Burned Calculator: Figure out how many calories your workout is burning with this helpful mobile calculator. No iPhone? Click here.

MoboVivo: Download loads of fitness videos on this site and watch them right on your iPhone. No iPhone? Click here.

Medicinal Herbs: Those interested in a more natural route to health may appreciate this tool which gives easy access to a database of medicinal herbs and their uses. No iPhone? Click here.

I am very thankful to have an iPhone. I asked for it as my Push Present back when I had my 17-month-old. See Cafe Suzanne's recent post, Gifts for Giving Birth: Did You Get One? Is there any fitness and health gadget you'd like to have? I'm thinking those new Nike Shox Turbos, but they're like $110. And my days of Push Presents are way over.

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