How Many Calories Will You Eat on Super Bowl?

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My kids: Snow day too many chips.

There was a snow day this week when my kids and I were stuck at home.

We totally bonded. We watched The Today Show.

Here is a pressing question we got from Kathie Lee: How many calories do you think you will eat during Super Bowl?



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The correct answer is 1200 calories. That's just during the game. According to LifeClinic, the average woman only needs 10 to 11 calories per pound per day in order to maintain her weight. To me, that sounds a little low. 2000 calories per day is what the FDA considers average.

Should I still make--and eat--my 7-Layer Dip? It packs 250 calories per serving, and that's when it's made with lean turkey meat and fat free re-fried beans. Also, that serving size is 187.5 grams, which is about the size of my 1-year-old's Cheerio.

We also found out that Super Bowl is the second porkiest holiday. Americans only consume more on Thanksgiving.

Oh foul word, check out Cafe Kim's Cheat Sheet for Your Super Bowl Party. Just don't mention it to Kathie Lee.

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