Would You Try It? StemSave

stem cells, StemSaveI did not bank my babies' cord blood. This means I am a neglectful mother who might as well be feeding her kids dinosaur-shaped chicken for dinner.

Granted, saving stem cells--in case scientists one day discover how to turn those cells into organs, blood, skin, bone, teeth, muscle and nerves that could help us save our own lives--does seem smart. (Read more on What Are Stem Cells? here.)

But banking cord blood costs roughly the same as a new high def TV. And really, who can live without The Biggest Loser in HD?


I'm not sure if my priorities have changed a lot--my children's lifelong health or Rock of Love?--but at least I have been given a second chance.

A company called StemSave is banking stem cells from children's teeth. When a baby tooth becomes loose, any dentist can collect that tooth and send it into StemSave. We adults can also save our own stem cells if we're willing to lose a chopper over it (or if we get a wisdom tooth removed or something like that).

Again, this is a great idea, and stem cell research is a fascinating field. But StemSave's program starts at around the price of that HDTV.

Honestly, I would love to know my famiy's cells were being preserved for eternity in a far-off lab, but I probably can't swing that price. What do you think? Would you try StemSave?

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