Increased Domestic Violence Over Super Bowl?

Super Bowl, footballThe only increase in physical violence on Super Bowl weekend might be between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

A Washington Post journalist debunked this myth and proved that domestic violence does not increase over Superbowl weekend.


Domestic violence, though, is still an incredibly important topic. The private group Domestic Violence Survivors: The Power of Being Free is doing amazing things by providing support and advice to CafeMoms. Check back next week for an interview with the inspiring group owner, Joleen.

The truth is, Super Bowl might be getting a bad rap. Read below to see which other Superbowl legends are true or false from The Los Angeles Times sports blogs.

  • Sewage systems break due to tremendous number of toilets being flushed at the same time.
  • Two-thirds of all avocados sold in the U.S. are bought within three weeks of Super Bowl Sunday.
  • Super Bowl Sunday is a good time to visit Disneyland because the park is empty.

Which ones are true? They are all FALSE. Interesting, huh?

What will you be doing over Super Bowl? I'll definitely be chowing on chips, checking out  commercials and looking for flashes of boobs.

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