Drinking Coffee in Honor of MLK

MLK coffeeMartin Luther King, Jr., drank a lot of coffee. He drank it in the mornings. He drank it while writing his famous speeches. He drank it when he came home exhausted.

This is what fellow mom, Nicole Gray, tells me. She is a local New Jersey friend of mine, and I get a buzz just reading her blog, DrinkingCoffeeAlltheTime.

She got some parents together this weekend to toast MLK with coffee. (That's me, second to last on the right. Nicole is on my left.)


If you drink too much coffee, you'll hallucinate, as I wrote earlier this week. But in moderation, Nicole always tells me its health benefits. She says:

According to November 2008 Consumer Health Reports, coffee:

  • Decreases risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Aids gallbladder function---decreases risk of developing gallstones
  • May help prevent Parkinson’s disease due to increased dopamine supply in the brain.

Nicole adds, "Beyond health benefits, coffee makes communities function better. It's the elixir of productivity and enthusiasm."

She urges us to raise a cup of joe to MLK today.

Are your kids home from school on this historically significant pre-inauguration MLK Day? Mine are, and we're going to special services in honor of MLK downtown at St. Paul Baptist Church at noon. What are you up to?

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