Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products


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Here is an awesome thread on how CafeMoms are going green.

As for me, I'm a clean-freak, so I need trunkfulls of cleaning stuff. My two biggest concerns are finding nontoxic products that won't choke my kids/husband/cat and finding those products on the cheap. Luckily, according to this article at, I can do both if I make cleansers at home.

For about $20, you can replace every bottle, can and foam with safer, non-toxic biodegradable versions using baking soda, club vinegar, lemon juice and salt.

For example, window cleaner is just 1/4 cup white vinegar in a spray bottle that you then fill with water. Also, clean windows with old newspapers.

This article lists 25 more DIY, green cleaning ideas to keep your household healthy and sparkling, which for me, is nirvana.

What ways do you try to be clean and green at the same time? Is there one not-so-green product you can't live without?



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Neminly Neminly

I read both articles mentioned in the post, and realized that I have it made. I get the benefits of natural cleaning solutions, the cheap aspect of making my own AND the incredible aromas of nature in my home.

I had to learn to clean with natural cleaning solutions to control my son's asthma, and personally hated that aweful vinegar smell - so I learned to jazz it up with other cheap ingredients. The book I wrote helps you keep that clean smell, without the risks to your health or the health of your children, your indoor environment or the outdoor environment as the pollutants wash down the drain - and your home won't smell like a cheap 1970's douche. The information is progressive for each type of cleaning solution, so it's easy for everyone to follow.

Check out my web site, for more information about my dirt cheap book, ShackRabbit Guide to Natural Cleaning. The Table of Contents for all these safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions:

~ Disinfectant counter sprays
~ Glass and shiney surface cleaners
~ Carpet powders
~ Abrasive cleansers
~ Grout cleaners
~ Furniture polishes
~ Floor rinses

green... greenergypsy

There are several groups on CafeMom full of experienced "greenies" who will love to share experiences, advice and recipes for homemade cleaning products.  Go the the Groups tab and search for "green living" or "natural cleaning" to find a group that fits you.

My grandmother taught us to clean with baking soda, vinegar, salt and a many other cheap ingredients you probably already have on hand.  Being green in your cleaners saves green in your bank! Before you buy that next bottle of convenient, overpriced toxic-blast, consider how much less expensive it is to make one yourself that is safer for you and Mother Earth. 

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