Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products

Photo by lisabee21006

Here is an awesome thread on how CafeMoms are going green.

As for me, I'm a clean-freak, so I need trunkfulls of cleaning stuff. My two biggest concerns are finding nontoxic products that won't choke my kids/husband/cat and finding those products on the cheap. Luckily, according to this article at, I can do both if I make cleansers at home.


For about $20, you can replace every bottle, can and foam with safer, non-toxic biodegradable versions using baking soda, club vinegar, lemon juice and salt.

For example, window cleaner is just 1/4 cup white vinegar in a spray bottle that you then fill with water. Also, clean windows with old newspapers.

This article lists 25 more DIY, green cleaning ideas to keep your household healthy and sparkling, which for me, is nirvana.

What ways do you try to be clean and green at the same time? Is there one not-so-green product you can't live without?

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