Amazing Mommy Blogger NieNie Back After Surviving Plane Crash

Stephanie Neilson

Stephanie Neilson and her family courtesy of her website.

Yesterday, the New York City plane crash of the US Airways flight, was shocking. At least it had a miraculous ending--everyone survived even though the airplane went into the Hudson River.

Another beloved mommy blogger, Stephanie Nielson, survived her own plane crash last August. After blogging for several years at the NieNie Dialogues, she and her husband crashed in a small plane. She hasn't been blogging because, although they both survived, they are healing from severe burn wounds and other health issues.


Her sister has been posting heartbreaking and inspiring updates about her on the Nie Recovery website. Other mommy bloggers around the net have banded together in support to raise money for the Neilson family.

But today, Nie Nie is back. This incredible mother of four small children will be posting again as of sometime today. Check it out, and check out Cafe Sheri's Home & Garden update about this amazing mom. Just make sure you have tissues handy. The story is sad and amazing and inspiring all at the same.

Have you or a loved one ever survived a difficult health emergency?

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