Gym Confessions: Panty Problems That Crack Me Up


exercise pants, pantiesI never liked the gym. I rarely went, and when I did, I never showered there. I never socialized. And I always felt intimidated by the guy with waxy muscles the size of my dog. I was even more scared of the super-tanned blonde with big biceps and even bigger boobs.

Wait, those gym rats still intimidate me. But I am getting used to them. I go to the gym almost every day. I got hooked last November, and I have had so much fun, I can't stop. Hopefully, my workout enthusiasm will last.

I even shower there. And I've made lots of mom and trainer friends.

Because I'm there so often, I'm starting to see funny things, things that bug me, and some really bad gym etiquette. These are my gym confessions. This week, I want to write about panty problems I see everyday. Some crimes of underwear, I've even committed myself.

I won't include men in this conversation because I'm not checking out their booties. (Really, DH, I'm not!)

Here are some common panty problems from this past week:

Panty lines. Workout and yoga pants are all the rage at my gym. Everyone wears these comfy numbers that are low-waisted, tight at the butt and flare at the ankles. I recently caved and bought some myself, and they're not cheap. But I'm appalled when women wear their workout pants two sizes too tight, then they wear granny panties underneath. I know they're big granny panties because I can see the lines and bunches in all the wrong places. Maybe don't wear the workout pants so tight. Or, what I do is not wear panties at all. It's so much more comfortable, and the exercise pants always have reinforced crotches.

Peekaboo thongs. I get that women are proud of their six-pack abs, and they want to wear half-shirts to show them off. (I'm jealous, but that's my problem.) It's just kind of tacky when a thong peeks out of the top of your low-rise workout pants. And the harder a woman works out, the more the thong seems to show.

Panties, panties everywhere. In the locker room, a woman left her panties, dirty crotch up, next to my makeup bag on a bench. Enough said.

Public displays of tampons and pads. Is it really hard to go into the bathroom stall to put on a new pad or insert a new tampon after taking a shower? I'm not offended--managing our periods is normal and natural. It's just that some things are kind of private, and it's fine with me if they stay that way.

Butt picking. I'm totally guilty of this. Last night, I realized how annoying butt picking is when a woman in front of me focused on her crack instead of our dance moves. Now I will make an extra effort to be sure my pants fit correctly, tags are cut off, and that my clothing isn't irritating me while I exercise. It's hard to workout with wedgies.

So those are things that get my panties in a wad at the gym. How about you? Or if you don't go to the gym, what workout snafus do you have?

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cinva... cinvargas

hahahhaha you just made my day, I work out at home so i can't say I have this problem but that was quite funny!

brand... brandoneaglemom

me too. i work out at home on my wii fit, and the only people i have to see are these animated mii people, and my trainer who is hot for being animated. Good luck at the gym and enjoy the panites!!

Dramanda Dramanda

I can forgive just about everything but the dirty unders crotch side up next to your makeup bag is beyond the pale. And I'm with you on the tampon thing... yeesh, I'm all for being relaxed and comfortable with the process but come on... really?


With MD, I do things at home.  *Butt*, lol,  I am right there with ya on the dirty panties!  Some will never get it!!

banging head into wall

Zanny Zanny

I crack up over Swass... You see people getting off of the Treadmill, or Elliptical, and it looks like the peed their pants while running... 

chica... chicagocubbi

Oh the "dirty crotch up"  next to the make-up bag was priceless!  Is there no modesty in the world?  This has happened to me more than once, and it's nice to know that I am not the only one who has experienced that!  Why is that when we go to the doctor, we neatly fold our clothes on the chair (underwear, crotch side folded in and down), but some of us do not take the time at the gym?  Here's another little pet peeve that I have.....I wonder why, when exiting a machine, the previous user does not wipe the seat!  Too many times have I had to wipe the disgusting wetspot  before I sit down.  Need I say more?  :)

Charm... CharmaineL

Then there are those women who don't even make it to the locker room and start changing by the treadmills.  Yes, I've seen these shameless women and no, they do not have perfect boobs that warrant them being shown off.

tandi... tandifrass

I am always annoyed by the people who grunt really loudly while working out... if you have to be that noisy, you're trying too hard. Also, the gym I used to go to had big fans everywhere and there used to be "fan hogs" who would point the fans directly at their treadmill, despite you're standing right there next to them.. give me a break people.

LoE23 LoE23

My fave at our old gym in Las Vegas was women dressed in short shorts with matching exercise bra tops AND a full face of makeup that glare at you when you look shocked when they walk by looking like strippers,or glare at men checking them out. If you don't want people looking at you PUT ON SOME PANTS. Lol gotta love it!

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