More Salmonella Deaths from Peanut Butter: Kellogg Pulls Snacks

peanut butter salmonellaI just ate peanut butter for breakfast. Then I read in this morning's news that the death toll from salmonella in peanut butter is now up to five.

For those of us who aren't allergic to it, should we stop eating peanut butter? I eat it almost daily, and my kids are peanut butter freaks.


We should definitely avoid peanut butter sold under brand names Parnell's Pride and King Nut, both made by the King Nut Co. These jars are being recalled from shelves--just be sure you don't eat any you already have at home.

Two other companies, the Peanut Corporation of America and Kellogg Co. are recalling several of their jars and snacks as precautions. Kellogg is recalling its Austin and Keebler peanut butter crackers until the CDC finds out what is causing the outbreak.

The truth is, investigators don't know for sure. King Nut Co. is probably not responsible for the entire salmonella outbreak that has infected 434 people in 43 states, according to an article on CNN.

Problems seem to start at a peanut butter plant in Blakely, Georgia, but the FDA is still investigating. Outbreaks began September 3, 2008, and have hit all ages from 2 months to 98.

The very young and older people are the most vulnerable to the side effects of salmonella, including death.

Thanks to all the CafeMoms who are also posting about this outbreak. Yesterday, jms124 posted about it in the private group full time workers. So did mistyray in the The CafeMom Newcomer's Club. Many more of you posted in journals and other groups.

So scary. I think I'll stay away from all peanut butter until we know more. Though I might finish the jar I have at home because it certainly hasn't made any of us sick.

Will you stop eating peanut butter for a while?

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