Fight a Cold with More Sleep


sleeping daddy baby

Joleensboys sleep like babies.

This makes sense. My family and I were playing pass the head cold last month. We were not getting enough sleep, and we all had bad coughs, aches and runny noses.


A new study suggests that people who lose just a little bit of sleep or have poor quality sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to cold viruses.

Bottom line: Get more sleep, to fight a cold better.

According to a story on CNN, people who slept less than seven hours were three times more likely to get a cold than people who slept eight hours or more a night.

Researchers at Carnegie Melon found that 88 percent of the people in the study got infected with the cold virus, but not all of them got sick. About 43 percent of volunteers became sick, and they were the ones who didn't sleep enough or didn't sleep well.

And every minute counts: If an eight-hour sleeper lost as little as 10 minutes of sleep a night, they could be three and a half times more likely to get colds; if they lost as much as 40 minutes of sleep on an average night, they were over five times as likely to get a cold.

They believe the immune system doesn't function at optimal levels without enough shut eye. I totally buy it. I always get sick when I lose too much sleep.

Already have a cold? Check out my post on 2 Holistic Tips for Cold Relief.

Are you getting enough sleep?

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Jaime... Jaimeslove

I know the moment I start to feel sick I pencil in more time to rest and sleep. It usually helps make the cold pass sooner or not fully develope at all

TheSi... TheSingingNurse

Yes, This is so true, your defenses are down when your body is tired. Here's a big word I learned in Nursing School, "Prodromal period",  this is when you are just starting to feel ill and sometimes the most contagious. So many times people will head off to work or play and therefore expose all their cotacts. Please don't feel guilty if you need to "lay your body down", and do it, your workmates or social group will appreciate you not spreading your germs to them.  If you can, I know it's difficult with small children; hit the bath, pull out the favorite DVDs, put up the gate so everyone is safe and rest for the day.  Chilling for the day will do wonders for your achy body, allow it to heal quicker or may even stave off the virus that is trying to get you.

Oh yes, don't forget to drink liquids...

Have a Healthy Winter Season...Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse

Cryst... Crystallynn

ok so as wonderful of a thought as this is....... its not happening.  I have been sick for 2 weeks, and even if I am in bed at 9, I am awake at 12,2,3,4,5 then it is time to get up...... I think Insomnia is a side effect of being pregnant......

epoh epoh

I'm a single mom of two who works full time. I nurse my youngest so I'm up 1-4 times at night.

So yah, I get sick. Did I mention I work at the daycare my kids attend? I'm actually sick right now.

foxyldy foxyldy

I used to get soo jealous when my husband would be able to sleep for the day when he first started a cold and get over it  way too soon So yes I do believe that the amount of rest does make a difference..

Jenny Graham

But it could not possible for you to have more sleep that what you regulary have because of the

work .So in that case what to do?Secondly,i dont think that sleep can make any difference to cold.

Health Tips

ethan... ethans_momma06

Seriously though? Like skipping sleep is simply an option? I don't think so.

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Ruchi Singh

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